Fulton Gearloose is Gyro Gearloose's father in the Disney comics. Fulton was a repairman and the owner of Fulton's Fix-It Shop, before he retired and let his son take over his business. This eventually led to the start of Gyro's career as an inventor.

Fulton was a Junior Woodchuck stationed in the Fort Duckburg as a boy, together with his friends Tommy and Billy. When Scrooge McDuck arrived in Duckburg and bought the Fort Duckburg to build his Money Bin, he made the Junior Woodchucks leave his property.


Guardians of the Lost Library

In "Guardians of the Lost Library" (Don Rosa, 1993), it is mentioned that Fulton Gearloose earned the first Junior Woodchuck merit badge in 1903, for having invented the first merit badge.

The Invader of Fort Duckburg

In "The Invader of Fort Duckburg" (Don Rosa, 1994), Fulton Gearloose is seen as a young boy who is one of the three Junior Woodchucks stationed in Fort Duckburg. He is referred to as "General Fulton", much like his friends are referred to as "General Tommy" and "General Billy". At this point, the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook is a very heavy book that is assigned to be carried by a different member each week. Once Scrooge takes over the Fort Duckburg with the intent to build his future Money Bin, Fulton and his friends leave the fort. However, Fulton doubts Scrooge is the real owner and suggests writing to the authorities. The Junior Woodchucks write to the governor which then forwards it to the president of the United States. Since Scrooge is a foreign owner of a military installation in the United States, he is considered a threat, so the army and navy are summoned to confront him, which coincidentally arrive when the Beagle Boys are trying to take Scrooge's money. After this matter is settled, Fulton and the other Junior Woodchucks are seen on the street, asking for donations to build a new clubhouse. Scrooge is grateful because the Beagle Boys were arrested thanks to the authorities that arrived because of them, so he makes a small donation: a used doorknob.

Gyro's First Invention

In "Gyro's First Invention" (Don Rosa, 2002), Donald brings his broken lamp to Fulton's Fix-It Shop and talks to an aged Fulton. At this point, Donald learns that Fulton has retired and Gyro has taken over the business.


  • In "W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N." (Don Rosa, 1994), Fulton's friends Tommy and Billy appear again in a video telling the early story of the Junior Woodchucks, but Fulton is not seen.


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