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Future-Worm! is an American comic science fiction animated television series created by Ryan Quincy, who previously created IFC's Out There, for Disney XD. The show features the adventures of Danny and Future-Worm, who time travel by using a lunch box-shaped time machine.

The short-form series first aired on May 27, 2015. The full series was planned to air in fall 2015. The series was simulcast on August 1, 2016 on Disney XD in US and Canada.[1][2][3]

Quincy, who joined the Disney Television Animation team in 2013, is the executive producer.


Future-Worm! follows Danny Douglas, an optimistic 12-year-old who creates a time machine lunch box and befriends Future Worm, a fearless worm from the future. Together, the duo navigates through space, time and study hall, embarking on adventures and spontaneously making up new ones along the way.


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# Title Air date Summary
1a "Long Live Captain Cakerz!" August 1, 2016 Danny's favorite cereal, Captain Cakerz, is out of stock, so he travels back to find out what happened to them.
1b "Healin' Touch with Dr. D" August 1, 2016 After Danny gets a brain freeze, Future Worm puts him on a future medical TV show where the doctor is a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex.
1c "Terrible Tuber Trouble" August 1, 2016 Danny's attempt to make his parents dinner while also playing with his new chemistry set inadvertently leads to the creation of a potato monster.
2a "How to Beat a Cold...With Fists!" August 8, 2016 When Danny is too sick to attend Sci-Fi-Fanta-Con, he accidentally creates a giant cold monster.
2b "Unsolved Histories I" August 8, 2016 When Danny and Future Worm can't get a burrito on Columbus Day, they travel back in time to rewrite history.
2c "Old Man Duck Head" August 8, 2016 Danny and Fyootch inadvertently make an old man with a duck on his head President.
3a "Meetiversary" August 15, 2016 When Fyootch forgets to get a holiday gift for Danny, he goes to great lengths to fix it.
3b "Steak Starbot" August 15, 2016 When Steak Starbolt gets a new robot game, he ignores his teammates.
3c "The Very Hungry Killa-Pillah" August 15, 2016 When Bug builds a "truck-o-saurus" monster, the trio must find a way to tame it.
4a "Bubble Dad" August 22, 2016 Danny builds a hermetically-sealed bubble so his dad can join the family camping trip.
4b "Porthole to the Lizard" August 22, 2016 Before Danny can go see a Komodo Dragon, he must first escape detention.
4c "Future Danny and the Ghost Pirates of Tau Ceti" August 22, 2016 Future Danny finds himself captured by pirate ghosts.
5a "Deunited" August 29, 2016 Fyootch decides to spend the day with Bug.
5b "The Forever Five" August 29, 2016 When Megan's robot gets rejected at work, Danny works hard to improve it.
5c "Great Debates with the End of Time I" August 29, 2016 When Danny and Fyootch disagree, they travel to the end of time to ask the highest authority in the universe.
6a "The Bleak Shall Inherit the Earth" September 19, 2016 When Danny tries to prove that he is the biggest fan of the band Titanium, he and Fyootch get stuck in an alternate reality.
6b "Makin' History" September 19, 2016 Danny brings a lobster boy back from the past for a school project.
6c "Lobster Boy Movie Trailer" September 19, 2016 Lobster Boy chases his dream of playing quarterback for the school football team.
7a "Go Help Yourself" October 3, 2016 When Fyootch leaves Danny to do one last job for a friend, it puts them both in danger.
7b "Barl" October 3, 2016 Fyootch and Danny go on a road trip in the Time Tunnel with a broccoli creature named Barl.
7c "Mecha Mech Wars 1" October 3, 2016 Fyootch must lead an army of rebels to fight against the Mecha-Muck monsters.
8a "Revenge of the Anchovy Monster" October 10, 2016 An anchovy monster launches revenge on Fyootch and Danny to prevent them from getting pizza.
8b "Food Goggles" October 10, 2016 When Danny invents a device that makes everything taste good, he forms an insatiable appetite.
8c "Steak Starbolt Spooktacular" October 10, 2016 When Steak Starbolt delivers a public service announcement, he finds that he's trapped in the TV.
9a "Robo Carp-Alypse" October 17, 2016 All of Danny’s exploded Robo-Carps come back to life as zombie-carps.
9b "The Reemen" October 17, 2016 Horrifying creatures from another dimension invade Danny’s house.
9c "Dr. D, Ghost Hunter" October 17, 2016 Everybody’s favorite celebrity TV doctor is back on a new episode of Dr. D, Ghost Hunter.
10a "Steak Starmom" October 24, 2016 Danny’s mom accidentally stumbles into the Steak Starbolt virtual reality game.
10b "Lemonade's Last Stand" October 24, 2016 Danny and Fyootch set up a lemonade stand in a lemon-less future.
10c "This Week in Future Science 1" October 24, 2016 The scientists who created Fyootch create more abominations of nature.
11a "The Time Travelers Council" November 07, 2016 Danny travels through time to avoid being grounded. But he and Future-Worm are confronted by the Council of Time Travelers.
11b "Future Danny and the Scourge of the Plierates" November 07, 2016 Future Danny interrupts a ritual led by the Plierates.
11c "Bug's Very Important Job" November 07, 2016 Future Danny pays a visit to Bug.
12a "Bug vs. the Babysitter" November 14, 2016 Bug tries to ditch the babysitter, Zoe.
12b "Doug Race: 3939" November 14, 2016 Danny’s new invention goes awry.
12c "The Panama Bananama" November 14, 2016 Danny and Fyootch visit Aunt Bitsy as a young woman.
13a "Future-Worm and the 54 Days of Snordfest" December 12, 2016 Embarrassed by his role in a future-holiday movie, Future Worm time travels to make sure it never happens.
13b "Lost in the Mall" December 16, 2016 When the family accidentally leaves Doug at the mall, they return to discover a sinister plan afoot in Santa's Village.
14a "Devil on Bug's Shoulder" June 19, 2017 Bug uses a coupon to get an adventurous sidekick of her own.
14b "Assassin Parrot" June 19, 2017 Danny gets a pet parrot that turns out to be a time-traveling assassin.
14c "The Never-Ending End of Time" June 19, 2017 Danny and Fyootch's debate over the End of Time continues.
15a "Egg in the Family" June 20, 2017 Ruby and Paco "babysit" an egg for a class project.
15b "The Right to Bear Arms" June 20, 2017 Fyootch grows a pair of bear claws to enter a wrestling contest.
15c "This Week in Future Science 2" June 20, 2017 Brad and Rad genetically engineer a cool Horseshoe Crab.
16a "Danny Swap: The Musical" June 21, 2017 Danny swaps places with Future Danny.
16b "The World According to LARP" June 21, 2017 When Danny gives Presto the future-magic-wand, the bad guy becomes more of a bad guy.
16c "Mecha-Muck Wars 2" June 21, 2017 Future-Worm learns the price of sacrifice...again.
17a "O Brother, Here Art Thou" June 22, 2017 A wedge comes between Danny and Future-Worm.
17b "Life with Barl" June 22, 2017 Barl moves into the Douglas family's shed.
17c "Fyootch Fails" June 22, 2017 Fyootch tries to stop the production of an embarrassing future TV show called Top Ten Future-Worm Fails.
18a "Megan Muck Wars" May 5, 2018 Future-Worm attempts to prevent the Mecha-Muck Wars.
18b "Porthole to the Spider Hole" May 5, 2018 Bug must learn to overcome her fear of spiders.
18c "Weenie Genie" May 5, 2018 Danny and Fyootch order a magical hot dog.
19a "Be Mine Across Time" May 12, 2018 Danny and Fyootch's time travel road trip is put on hold when Fyootch begins dating a cave woman named Ooga.
19b "Fyootchy Swap" May 12, 2018 Mr. Larzid takes over Fyootch's body in an attempt to get Danny to join the Gem Force Five.
19c "Steak Starbolt Movie Trailer" May 12, 2018 A trailer for the Steak Starbolt movie in which Steak must impersonate the President of the United States to stop an assassination plot by his brother.
20a "Manchovy Prison Break" May 19, 2018 Future-Worm and Danny reluctantly team up with Manchovy to break him out of prison so that they can protect his gem stash from Future Granny Danny.
20b "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" May 19, 2018 Clock Face mistakenly attends a villain's meeting where Future Granny Danny reveals her plan to use the 99 Gems of Mystery and Space on a wish to destroy all timelines except her own.
20c "Future Danny Finale" May 19, 2018 After once again escaping from the clutches of the Plierates, Future Danny settles in for some relaxation -- only to be captured by Future Granny Danny.
21 "Finale" May 19, 2018 The Gem Quest that Danny long ignored comes back to haunt him when Bug's beloved pet, Hank Flappington, is stolen for the gem-engine Danny gave Bug to power him.


  1. No Anchovies (May 27, 2015)
  2. The Banana Peel Problem (June 2, 2015)
  3. Insta-Beard (June 4, 2015)
  4. Future Danny (June 9, 2015)



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