Gadget Model 2 (or G2 for short) is a completely robotic Inspector Gadget in the form of a female and the tritagonist in the sequel, Inspector Gadget 2.

Role in the film

G2 was created to replace Inspector Gadget until his glitches had been fixed. Unlike the inspector, G2 did not need to say "Go Go Gadget!" to activate her arsenal. Though not programmed for such emotions, she found Gadget strangely likeable. Working alone "together", G2 was foiled by Gadget several times in preventing Dr. Claw from forwarding his plans. When Gadget was fired for causing chaos at the science fair, G2 seemed sympathetic towards his plight. By the time Claw stole the ruby, G2 herself proved unable to stop him because of a giant magnet Claw utilized. Her failure led to deactivation, but Gadget reactivated her because he had developed a crush on her. She then helped him track down Penny after Claw froze Riverton in time. Seeing Gadget needed use of his gadgets without worrying about glitches, G2 replaced his malfunctioning chip with one of hers, taking it to replace the one she gave him. She then took on Claw's men and came out ahead despite being hampered by the glitches. Capturing Claw's men, G2 now needed Gadget's activation phrase.

G2 then set out to find Gadget and Penny, and located them just in time. Claw immediately attempted to run over Gadget, but the Inspector used bubblegum to halt the car. However, Claw escaped again in a Rocket. When they reversed the damage Claw caused, G2 was thanked along with Gadget and Penny. Having grown to like the inspector, G2 shared a kiss with him after a ceremony.


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