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GO-4 (GO-FR) is the secondary antagonist of the 2008 Disney/Pixar animated feature film WALL-E.


GO-4 used his personal elevator system to move fast around the Axiom. The entrances/exits of the elevator were usually at Steward Kiosks, the places where SECUR-T (Stewards) would wait inactive until they were needed. The elevator also granted GO-4 access to the captain's quarters.

Physical appearance

He is quite small and easily recognizable due to the red police light atop his body. His body weakly resembles that of an American football. GO-4 is equipped with two salute-ready arms and an anti-gravity stasis beam. For communication, he had various beeps and other sounds, similar to R2-D2 from Star Wars. GO-4 units also can deliver coffee to superiors.



He is first seen descending a personal elevator near two activating Stewards. With beeps. he directs them to the docking area where the EVE's retreat for evaluation.

He scans them, even scanning WALL-E accidentally while founding a probe with positive results. As a robotic arm picks her up and places her to a MVR-A, GO-4 tells the Stewards to lead the MVR-A until it was carried to a People Mover.

As the MVR-A with the positive probe is brought to the Captain's quarters, he communicates with AUTO with a series of beeps, possibly about the secret directive A-113.

As AUTO's secret directive is found by the Captain, AUTO sends GO-4 to the quarters to attempt discarding the plant. He hisses to intimidate his enemies. As Wall-E is found from the garbage shoot, GO-4 traps EVE in his suspension beam.

He was accidentally destroyed when he attempted to assist AUTO in taking down Captain B. McCrea and was kicked and sent flying through a window and crashing down near one of the swimming pools in the Lido Deck, obliterating him.

Other appearances

A GO-4 appears briefly in the short BURN-E, which takes place during the events of the film.

One also appears in the video game, but it doesn't break.



  • GO-4 is a pun on how personal assistants are often referred to as "gophers/gofers," a verbal pun as they are often sent to "Go for (GO-4) things."
  • When GO-4 is sent flying out of the window, he makes a whistling sound and a smash sound effect very similar to the sound Wile E. Coyote makes when falling off a cliff in Looney Tunes.
  • According to the Pixarpedia, GO-4, like Auto, are not sentient, and therefore they lack technical alignment, as all they do are following orders since they can't think.

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