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Gabe Bensen is a puppeteer and one of the love interests of Mabel Pines. He appears in the Gravity Falls episode "Sock Opera".


In "Sock Opera", Gabe puts on a puppet show about literacy at the Gravity Falls Library. Mabel soon spots him and instantly develops feelings for him, and she proceeds to introduce herself. The two bond over their shared interest in puppets, and Mabel becomes flustered with his high standards for the art. She tells him she will be putting on a sock puppet opera that Friday, despite no prior plans to do so. Later that week, he visits Mabel to check on production. When Candy and Grenda see him, they label him a stud, with Candy secretly expressing a desire to "steal him from Mabel."

Gabe attends the premiere of Mabel's production and finds himself impressed with her work. During the intermission, he conveys his opinion to Mabel backstage, and suggests that they get together some time. But during the performance, Mabel struggles with Bill Cipher, who had taken possession of Dipper's body. Knowing that Bill possesses the same weaknesses as Dipper while in his body, Mabel decides to exploit said weaknesses. Bill leaves Dipper's body and ends up in the body of Dipper's puppet, and Mabel puts an end to Bill's boasting by igniting the pyrotechnics, thus destroying her puppets.

Mabel thinks that audience will assume that the fighting is merely part of the show, but they see the mess for what it really is, and leave the theater in disgust. Gabe is absolutely devastated by what has just happened. Mabel insists that he stick around for the wrap-party. However, Gabe is upset with Mabel and is convinced that she's made a total mockery of his art form. Gabe leaves Mabel, telling her never to speak to him again, and starts making out with his own hand puppets.

Gabe makes a minor appearance in the episode "The Love God", as one of the Visions of Heartbreak Past.


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