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Gaju Bhai is an animated television series produced and aired in India on Disney Channel. It originally premiered in 2016. As with most Disney Channel India original cartoons, its original language is Hindi but it also has an English dub.

It has a movie called Apna Bhai Gaju Bhai that originally released in 2016. In 2020, the series was made available on the Indian version of Disney+.


Gaju Bhai is an actor working as a "reel-life" hero in movies produced in Jollywood. However, whenever his friend Iravan the prince appears to bring his attention to the monsters that attack the village of Gajrajpuri, he becomes a real-life hero as well.


  • Gaju Bhai - An anthropomorphic elephant man. He is a Jollywood movie actor and is best friends with Iravan.
  • Iravan - A 10-year-old elephant prince who guides Gaju to Gajrajpuri to save the day.
  • Mahaguru - An elderly meditating bird who accompanies Gaju and Iravan. He has existed since the beginning of time.
  • Bhagat - A tiger who works as the disciplinarian commander of Gajrajpuri's army.
  • Miss Zuzee - A cat journalist who wants to find out all about Gaju Bhai's life.
  • Shantial - A crow who acts as Gaju Bhai's manager, butler, secretary, and makeup artist.
  • Director - This monkey directs the films Gaju Bhai appears in and believes the actor to be flawless, even though he finds flaws in others.