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Not to be confused with the Hong Kong Disneyland attraction "Garden of Wonders.

Gardens of Wonder (French: "Les Jardins Féériques") was an attraction in Disneyland Paris located in Central Plaza by the Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. It was an attraction showcasing sculptures of various Disney and Pixar characters which was built in the Central Plaza at the Main Street, U.S.A. area as part of Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary.


On January 23, 2022 it was announced that Disneyland Paris will create a sculpture garden themed around Disney and Pixar characters as part of the Resort's 30th anniversary[1]. The sculptures would consist of 30 sculptures representing Disney and Pixar characters and as the Resort announced the ten gardens, it was decided to focus on plants and minerals to design the attraction's sculptures where they were placed into a specific section representing a specific category albeit inspired by a French-style garden. The sculptures representing the characters were stylized to tell stories of what these sculptures represent and were designed by After and Plastic Studio, a French company which has been collaborating with Disneyland Paris for many years[2][3]. The attraction opened on March 6, 2022 as part of Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary.

Attraction summary[]

Gardens of Wonder was comprised of sculptures representing Disney and Pixar characters. This attraction consists of various sculptures which guests encountered where they were displayed as a unique work of art created. Unlike any typical sculpture garden, the sculptures in the attraction were placed on mobile statues and rotated throughout the garden. There were thirty sculptures located in Central Plaza representing Disney and Pixar characters displayed in honor of Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary. The sculptures themselves told the stories reflecting the moments from Disney franchises to give an understanding of what the sculptures' details as they rotate to give guests details of what the stories are all about (example, the Moana sculpture told a story of Moana's journey across the Ocean via boat, the apple seen on the Snow White sculpture told a story of Snow White who bit a Poisoned Apple which put her under a sleeping spell until a handsome prince saved her from the spell, the Mushu sculpture told a story of how Mushu was sent to protect Mulan after she left her family, the Dumbo sculpture told a story of Dumbo who was helped by Timothy Q. Mouse and the Crows to help him fly to become a circus star, the Maleficent sculpture told a story of Maleficent who transformed from her cloak form to her dragon form, etc.).

During the nighttime, the sculptures would be given an LED lighting effect which did not occur during daytime. The effects provided onto these sculptures added brightness and lighting effect for guests to enjoy exploring the sculptures at the Garden of Wonders, especially during nighttime hours at the park.

Sculpture roster[]

The Gardens of Wonder attraction was comprised of various sculptures representing Disney and Pixar characters which were displayed as part of Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary in 2022. Unlike other Disney attractions where the sculptures' designs matched the exact illustrations, the sculptures of the characters were either comprised of abstract artwork representing Disney or Pixar characters - containing about 30 sculptures in the attraction. They could either consist of sculptures containing multiple characters in it or separate individual sculptures.

Each garden featured in the attraction represented a specific theme dividing each section into ten gardens.


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