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The following is a list of episodes of Gargoyles.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 October 24, 1994 February 3, 1995
2 52 September 4, 1995 May 15, 1996
3 13 September 7, 1996 February 15, 1997
Total Series premiere Series finale
1-3 78 October 24, 1994 February 15, 1997

Season One (1994-1995)

The show's five-part premiere episode, "Awakening", was first aired on The Disney Afternoon over the week of October 24-28, 1994. Afterward, the series ran on the programming block exclusively on Fridays.

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "Awakening - Part 1" October 24, 1994 001
In the year 994, a medieval castle in Scotland is attacked by Vikings, but they are repelled by guards with help of gargoyles - a race of winged creatures that come to life at night but sleep during the day as stone statues. While the captain of the guards sees them as heroes and defenders of the castle, the princess, magi, and others feel revulsion towards them. Goliath and his mentor go after the Vikings before they regroup but find out it was a diversion and are caught by daybreak outside the castle. The castle is then attacked by Vikings and is betrayed by the captain of the guards, who lets them inside. When Goliath returns the next night, he finds all gargoyles on the walls are smashed and the castle is razed.
02 02 "Awakening - Part 2" October 25, 1994 002
Goliath and his mentor return to the castle and find their clan has been smashed during the day. Finding three of their younger comrades, they plan vengeance on Hakon, his Vikings, and the castle's Captain of the Guard who had betrayed them. Believing the princess was killed in the attack, the Magus curses the Gargoyles into their stone sleep until the castle rises above the clouds. Goliath reunites Princess Catherine and the Magus and unwilling to live without his family ask him to cast his spell on him.
03 03 "Awakening - Part 3" October 26, 1994 003
Having been awakened in Manhattan in the year 1994 by industrialist David Xanatos, a furious battle breaks out causing detective Elisa Maza to investigate and discovers then befriends Goliath. Xanatos informs Goliath that three important computer disks had been stolen during the raid and implores their help to retrieve them.
04 04 "Awakening - Part 4" October 27, 1994 004
Goliath and Elisa name the former leader Hudson after the Hudson River before going to explore the city. In Central Park, Goliath and Elisa are ambushed by the men who had attacked the castle. Goliath turns to stone and Elisa saves his life by drawing the guards away from him. It is revealed that Goliath's mate had survived the attack on the castle as well, and in thanks agrees to retrieve the data disks.
05 05 "Awakening - Part 5" October 28, 1994 005
The clan goes to retrieve the data disks, Hudson goes to an underground bunker with Bronx. Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington attack a Cyberbiotics tower on land while Demona and Goliath take their airship, which Demona mercilessly sets to crash before they escape. After Elisa discovers and tells Goliath about Xanatos' deception, he reveals robotic Gargoyles to kill the group. Demona also reveals her name and her allegiances both with the Captain at Wyvern and with Xanatos. When both she and Elisa are put in danger, Goliath must make a choice of who to save.
06 06 "The Thrill of the Hunt" November 4, 1994 006
"The Pack" is a popular television show that the Gargoyles enjoy, not knowing the difference between television and reality. Lexington befriends them and offers to introduce them to Goliath who is untrusting of the situation. Little does Lexington know that the Pack has learned about them and has a deadly hunt planned against the two of them.
07 07 "Temptation" November 11, 1994 007
Brooklyn takes a motorcycle Lex built out on the town and meets a biker gang who attack him upon realizing he's not human. He is saved by Demona who explains her belief that humans and gargoyles will never co-exist, convincing Brooklyn to deliver her the Grimorum Arkanorum to show Goliath the truth of her plight, little does he realize her plans include removing Goliath's will and putting them both in danger.
08 08 "Deadly Force" November 11, 1994 008
Mobster Anthony Dracon steals a shipment of high powered laser weapons from Xanatos to distribute them on the streets. Broadway, having seen a western movie accidentally shoots Elisa with her own gun, sending him on a trip to hunt down all arms dealers to alleviate his own guilt while the Mazas and Goliath suspect Dracon of shooting her and putting her in a fight of life and death.
09 09 "Enter MacBeth" January 6, 1995 009
With Xanatos' release coming up, Elisa tries and fails to convince Goliath to move out of the castle, meanwhile, a man named MacBeth who knows all about gargoyles offers to clear them from Xanatos' home. His real goal is Demona and to prove his point he captures Lex, Brooklyn, and Bronx forcing Goliath into a confrontation with him.
10 10 "The Edge" January 13, 1995 010
Elisa is assigned a partner, conspiracy theorist Matt Bluestone. Their first case involves the theft of an artifact donated by Xanatos "The Eye of Odin" which is stolen by a Gargoyle-like figure. Realizing the Steel Clan has returned, the gargoyles rush in for a confrontation with them as Xanatos has something he needs to prove to himself.
11 11 "Long Way to Morning" January 20, 1995 011
Hudson has to keep Goliath alive as Demona hunts them down, remembering old times in a similar survival situation, Hudson has to make sure Demona doesn't catch them until the sun rises and Goliath is back to his full strength.
12 12 "Her Brother's Keeper" January 27, 1995 012
Jackal and Hyena return to steal a diamond Xanatos intends to buy. Elisa's brother Derek Maza saves Xanatos' life and Xanatos offers him a job as a pilot and bodyguard, which Elisa abhors. Derek takes the job as Elisa sets out to prove Xanatos' ploy while Jackal and Hyena target Xanatos again forcing the Gargoyles to take action. Elisa decides to leave it up to Derek to choose whether or not to listen to her evidence.
13 13 "Reawakening" February 3, 1995 013
Demona and Xanatos combine science and sorcery together to resurrect Goliath's rookery brother Coldstone who blames Goliath for the deaths of the entire clan and goes on a city-wide rampage.

Season Two (1995-1996)

In its second season, Gargoyles went from airing only on Fridays to airing Monday through Thursday on the Disney Afternoon (with Timon & Pumbaa having its time slot on Fridays).

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
14 01 "Leader of the Pack" September 4, 1995 014
Dingo, assisted by new Pack member Coyote, who wears a cybernetic suit of armor, break Jackal, Hyena, and Wolf out of jail. Fox remains behind as the others escape to exact revenge on the Gargoyles though Coyote and Wolf vie for the leadership of the Pack, they are shocked to learn who lies behind the mask.
15 02 "Metamorphosis" September 5, 1995 016
Geneticist Doctor Sevarius was hired by Xanatos to create replicas of the Gargoyles, but the mutations he's created are a cross between jungle cats, bats, and electric eels. Derek shields Xanatos from an attack and is infected by the Mutate serum, but the Gargoyles raid the facility before Sevarius is complete and he is killed indirectly as a result.
16 03 "Legion" September 6, 1995 015
Coldstone is reactivated, but some sort of virus begins to affect him as Goliath tries to get him to join his clan, his mind had been merged with the personalities of two other Gargoyles and one of them holds a grudge seemingly bigger and more malicious than Demona's.
17 04 "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" September 7, 1995 017
MacBeth steals a set of scrolls, supposedly written by Merlin himself. Meanwhile, Hudson befriends a blind writer named Jeffrey Robbins who teaches the value of reading to the illiterate old warrior. When the gargoyles confront MacBeth for the scrolls, Goliath threatens to burn them; however, Broadway and Hudson convince him and Macbeth though there are no spells in the scrolls, they contain a magic all their own - "when you read them, they take you there." Later, Jefrey finds himself inspired by the news of the scrolls, beginning a new book; the episode ends with Hudson listening in on the beginning of the book, which contains wisdom about books themselves.
18 05 "The Mirror" September 11, 1995 021
A magical mirror is stolen by Demona who frees the mischievous Puck from it; purposely re-interpreting Demona's wishes, he makes the Gargoyles human and the humans gargoyles. In the chaos, Goliath and the others are able to detain him and send Demona fleeing, but as a gift for the fun he'd had, Puck grants Demona to become human during the day instead of her vulnerable stone sleep.
19 06 "The Silver Falcon" September 12, 1995 018
Matt disappears following a lead to the Illuminati. Elisa and Broadway, in traditional noir fashion, investigate his case in order to find him in the clutches of Dracon and his grandfather Dominick, a suspected member of the Illuminati. It turns out, Dominick had been double-crossed by his old partner in crime, Mace Malone, who had disappeared with uncut jewels they stole back in the 20s; unfortunately, Mace left behind a wild goose chase.
20 07 "Eye of the Beholder" September 13, 1995 019
On Halloween, the Gargoyles go out into public while Xanatos proposes to Fox, giving her the Eye of Odin as a wedding gift. The gift's magical properties come to light during the full moon, and she becomes a werewolf that threatens both Xanatos and the general population. Goliath is forced to help Xanatos and realizes that even he is capable of true love.
21 08 "Vows" September 14, 1995 020
During Xanatos and Fox's wedding, Goliath who was asked to be the best man is attacked by Demona wielding another magical artifact; the Phoenix Gate, which she uses to send herself, Goliath, Xanatos, Fox, and Xanatos' father back in time to Castle Wyvern, where Demona hopes to convince her younger self to betray her mate Goliath and change the future.
22 09 "City of Stone - Part 1" September 18, 1995 022
Demona plots with Xanatos to steal one minute of life from everyone in the city, an excuse for how she's lived for over 1000 years. The Weird Sisters appear and watch as the spell Demona casts instead turns the humans to stone during the night, allowing Demona to easily dispatch them as she remembers her true life. Growing old in fear of humans until offered safe haven in a new castle.
23 10 "City of Stone - Part 2" September 19, 1995 023
Xanatos and the Gargoyles research a way to break the spell while Demona remembers more of her past, a misunderstanding leading to her betrayal of a king and the creation of the Hunters.
24 11 "City of Stone - Part 3' September 20, 1995 024
Aged considerably in the past, Demona meets MacBeth and the two make a pact, conjured by a trio of witches to bind their lives together, granting them eternal youth and binding pain until one kills the other. Meanwhile in the present, Goliath is approached by the Weird Sisters offering their help as a new Hunter tries to kill Demona.
25 12 "City of Stone - Part 4" September 21, 1995 025
The new Hunter is revealed to be MacBeth whose story comes to life after a centuries long betrayal by Demona sets them in a battle that endangers everyone, meanwhile the Gargoyles and Xanatos formulate a way to break the spell.
26 13 "High Noon" September 25, 1995 026
MacBeth and Demona work together to free Coldstone's evil personality to help them to destroy the Gargoyles, the secret of Demona's human form during the day is revealed to Elisa as she confronts the two alone during the day.
27 14 "Outfoxed" September 28, 1995 027
Concerned that Xanatos will sabotage a state-of-the-art flying fortress, Goliath vows to protect it, but is captured by the ship's owner, Cyberbiotics' CEO Halcyon Renard, and his assistant Preston Vogel. His morality questioned by Renard, Goliath is forced to admit something about their previous attack on the air ship, despite being misled by Xanatos. Also, Fox has some surprising news.
28 15 "The Price" October 12, 1995 032
Hudson does not wake from his stone sleep after an attack by MacBeth who was seemingly destroyed in the fray, little does Goliath realize that this is just a ruse by Xanatos who seeks a test subject to a cauldron that is said to make whoever bathes in it live "As long as the mountain stones". Meanwhile, Hudson proves himself even in his advanced age, a worthy adversary to thwart Xanatos' plans.
29 16 "Revelations" October 26, 1995 033
Matt Bluestone is finally shown the truth about the Gargoyles by a man supposedly a member of the Illuminati, to make up for Elisa's deceit, Matt enlists Goliath's help to uncover the Illuminati, who seek to capture him for their own personal gains.
30 17 "Double Jeopardy" November 6, 1995 030
Mysterious sightings of a gargoyle who looks and sounds like Goliath leads he and Elisa to his clone Thailog, who had been using his three "fathers" Goliath, Xanatos, and Anton Sevarius, and captures them for their wealth with which to plot human domination.
31 18 "Upgrade" November 9, 1995 028
The Pack receive genetic and technological upgrades to their bodies from Coyote and prove to be more than a match for Goliath, Elisa, Bronx, and Hudson who are captured. Meanwhile, vying for place as second in command, Brooklyn, Lex, and Broadway must come up with a plan to free their friends and defeat the Pack.
32 19 "Protection" November 13, 1995 031
Elisa is acting strangely so Goliath and Broadway go to investigate. They discover that gangster Tony Dracon is running a protection racket, and Elisa seems to have joined him.
33 20 "The Cage" November 16, 1995 029
Unable to see Elisa suffer with keeping her brother's condition a secret, Goliath goes to extreme lengths to help Talon and the other Mutates, even kidnapping Sevarius to force him to make a cure. But with the Mutates blaming Goliath for their condition, things get tense.
34 21 "Avalon - Part 1" November 20, 1995 034
Tom, a young boy from Castle Wyvern, appears in New York now fully grown and asks Goliath for his help in defeating the Archmage, Macbeth, Demona, and the Weird Sisters on the mystical island of Avalon.
35 22 "Avalon - Part 2" November 21, 1995 035
After learning of the threat of the Archmage, Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx accompany Tom to Avalon and learn what became of their human allies once Goliath joined his clan in stone sleep over 1000 years ago. A series of flash backs following Hudson's final mission as clan leader against the Archmage reveals how the Archmage survived and what roles MacBeth and Demona have yet to play into his current attack against Avalon.
36 23 "Avalon - Part 3" November 22, 1995 036
Discovering that his clan's rookery eggs had survived and their children are thriving on Avalon, Goliath enlists the children's help in finding a way to defeat the Archmage and with their help, resurrects a sleeping King Arthur who resides on Avalon.
37 24 "Shadows of the Past" November 23, 1995 037
The magic of Avalon – as the first episode of the "Avalon World Tour" story arc in Gargoyles – sends the travelers: Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa to where they "need to be", and they land on the shores of the ruins of Castle Wyvern. Goliath becomes possessed by horrific hauntings, and deep underground the group perilously discovers two souls that had died centuries before that still haunt the place, and have a bone to pick with the gargoyles.
38 25 "Heritage" November 27, 1995 042
Arriving in Canada, the world tourists encounter their first children of Oberon through Grandmother, who is trying to teach the skeptical Natsilane the ways of his heritage in order to face the malevolent Raven, who terrorizes the area.
39 26 "Monsters" November 28, 1995 039
Returning to Scotland, this time at Loch Ness, the world tourists encounter Dr. Sevarius and the Loch Ness Monster. Angela discovers her true parentage from Sevarius as she tries to save Nessie from his experiments and bonds with the youngling.
40 27 "Golem" December 14, 1995 038
Arriving in Prague, Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx come across Halcyon Renard, who wants to make himself immortal by transferring his soul into the mythical Golem. With his integrity called into question, Renard must decide whether throwing it away is too high a price to pay for his life.
41 28 "Sanctuary" December 18, 1995 041
Arriving in Paris, Goliath and Elisa must put a stop to Demona, currently in her human guise of Dominique Destine, courting MacBeth for marriage. Little do they realize she and Thailog have other plans in mind for him.
42 29 "M.I.A." December 21, 1995 047
In London, the World Tourists encounter the London Clan's gargoyle leaders, who blame Goliath for their comrade's disappearance decades ago, during the Battle of Britain. With the help of the Phoenix Gate, Goliath travels back to discover what really happened to Griff.
43 30 "Grief" December 28, 1995 040
The World Tourists arrive in Egypt where they encounter a bereaved Emir under the employ of Xanatos seeking to control the death god and child of Oberon, Anubis. Jackal and Hyena oversee the operation and cause trouble for the Gargoyles and Elisa when they try to interfere.
44 31 "Kingdom" February 5, 1996 044
While Brooklyn struggles to assert his authority in the wake of Goliath's mysterious disappearance, Fang conspires to rule over his fellow Mutates in the Labyrinth.
45 32 "The Hound of Ulster" February 6, 1996 048
The World Tourists arrive in Ireland. Unbeknownst to them, another of Oberon's children, the Banshee, is in the midst of distracting a young human named Rory from a powerful secret, but Bronx's arrival brings it to light. Rory battles the Banshee and aids in the rescue of Goliath, Elisa, and Angela.
46 33 "Walkabout" February 7, 1996 043
Arriving in Australia, the Tourists must ally with Dingo, Fox and her mother, Anastasia Renard, to stop out-of-control nanobots. Their journey leads Dingo and Goliath on a vision quest in order to confront it.
47 34 "Mark of the Panther" February 8, 1996 045
The World Tourists arrive in Nigeria where Elisa's mother Diane and a group of storytellers are attacked by poachers. A friend of hers, a man who sought out another of Oberon's children Anansi to become a panther fends them off and they discover that every story has a price.
48 35 "Pendragon" February 12, 1996 049
Arthur Pendragon and Griff are sent to New York by a magic incantation in a quest to retrieve Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake. They run into Goliath's clan and get their help, but MacBeth eavesdrops and seeing the description of the true king in himself, seeks to find the sword first.
49 36 "Eye of the Storm" February 13, 1996 050
Goliath and the others arrive in Scandinavia where Elisa and Angela's lives are put into peril by Odin who seeks to claim his eye. Goliath dons the talisman in order to prevent it but becomes more of a danger to his friends than his enemies by its sheer power.
50 37 "The New Olympians" February 14, 1996 051
The world tourists arrive in a hidden city of mythological creatures and Elisa is imprisoned as a direct result of their hatred and distrust of humans by the captain of the guard Taurus, but an even greater danger arises with the shape-shifting Proteus who tries to escape imprisonment by impersonating Elisa, Goliath, and Taurus.
51 38 "The Green" February 15, 1996 054
The world tourists arrive in a rainforest in Guatemala where a clan of Gargoyles capable of resisting stone sleep due to magical talismans, fend their temple off from loggers and hired hands Jackal and Hyena.
52 39 "Sentinel" February 19, 1996 046
The world tourists arrive on Easter Island and encounter an alien sentry who is stubbornly convinced that the gargoyles are alien enemies of Earth.
53 40 "Bushido" February 20, 1996 055
The world tourists come to a Japanese village where a large gargoyle clan lives harmoniously with the resident humans, except for one who wants to exploit them.
54 41 "Cloud Fathers" February 21, 1996 053
The world tourists arrive in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they meet Elisa's father and younger sister, as well as another child of Oberon, the trickster Coyote.
55 42 "Ill Met by Moonlight" February 22, 1996 052
When Goliath and company return to Avalon, the faerie lord Oberon and his queen Titania return as well after a millennium-long exile. Trouble ensues when Oberon decides to evict the Avalon Clan from his island.
56 43 "Future Tense" April 25, 1996 056
Finally released from Avalon's spell, Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx arrive back in New York, only to discover that 40 years have passed, and many things have changed for the worse.
57 44 "The Gathering - Part 1" April 29, 1996 057
Oberon recalls his children to Avalon, but Puck has other plans. Meanwhile, Fox and Xanatos are expecting their first baby with Owen, Anastasia, Halcion Reynard, and Preston Vougel all present when Oberon arrives and puts the entire city to sleep. Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa finally return home from their world tour.
58 45 "The Gathering - Part 2" April 30, 1996 058
The Gargoyles and Xanatos' resources defend the castle against Oberon's onslaught, it's discovered that Anastasia is Queen Titania which marks the potential for their son Alexander to hold magic and they agree against Fox or Xanatos' wishes to take him to Avalon for magical training.
59 46 "Vendettas" May 1, 1996 059
While Goliath and Hudson battle Wolf from the Pack, who is armed with a battle-ax possessed by the spirit of Hakon, another assailant ineptly pursues the two for his own revenge.
60 47 "Turf" May 6, 1996 060
The young Gargoyles' attempts to help Elisa interfere with a gang war are complicated with the males fighting over the right to court Angela.
61 48 "The Reckoning" May 7, 1996 061
The Manhattan Clan captures Demona, only to find that they are falling into a trap involving Fang and Thailog's new gargoyle Clones. Meanwhile, Demona finally meets face-to-face with her daughter Angela and attempts to bond with her.
62 49 "Possession" May 8, 1996 062
Xanatos attempts to carry out part of his repayment for the clan's assistance, but things go dangerously awry when Puck intervenes with possessing Angela, Broadway, and Brooklyn with the three spirits that dwelled within Coldstone.
63 50 "Hunter's Moon - Part 1" May 13, 1996 063
The Clan finds itself attacked by the current generation of Hunters; Jason, Robyn, and Jon Canmore. All of whom have ties to Elisa, Demona, and Xanatos without their knowledge.
64 51 "Hunter's Moon - Part 2" May 14, 1996 064
The Clan members reluctantly ally themselves with Demona against the Hunters, only to have their opponents strike hard at them when they are most vulnerable; at home in the clock tower.
65 52 "Hunter's Moon - Part 3" May 15, 1996 065
After destroying their home, the Hunters publicly expose the Clan. In the meantime, Demona creates a virus that will wipe out humanity while a mystical gargoyle protects her kind from it. However, a fight between the Hunters and the Manhattan Clan breaks out before she proceeds her plan, losing the artifact and giving up her plans. Two of the Hunters see the errors of their ways by seeing how much the Manhattan Clan is trying to save them, but the third does not, vowing to continue vengeance.

Season Three: The Goliath Chronicles (1996-1997)

Goliath chron.jpg

Disney canceled the original show's syndicated run in 1996, but moved the show to ABC, renaming it Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles. The revamped show, with a new staff of writers and animators, ran on ABC's Saturday morning schedule for a short season. Due to major staff and writer changes, series creator Greg Weisman considers these episodes non-canon and instead chose to continue the storyline with the Gargoyles comic books published by Slave Labor Graphics. The only exception to this was the season premiere "The Journey", which Weisman wrote himself and later adapted as the first two issues of the comic book.

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
66 01 "The Journey" September 7, 1996 068
The public is now fully aware of the Manhattan clan's existence. Bluestone tries to calm the public, while Xanatos hides the clan. Macbeth goes on television to convince everyone gargoyles are no more dangerous than humans and are just as intelligent. Former Hunter, John Castaway, takes advantage of the people's fear and confusion, founding an anti-Gargoyle group called the Quarrymen. Their goal is to eradicate any and all gargoyles.
67 02 "Ransom" September 14, 1996 070
Alex Xanatos is kidnapped, inciting the wrath of both Xanatos and Lexington. Lexington tracks the culprit down but ends up caught in a trap and to be used in mayoral candidate Doyle's speech to the public. After escaping, Lexington saves Alex and returns him home to Fox and Xanatos. The episode ends with Lexington turning to stone as he rocked Alex; Alex gave Lexington a kiss on the cheek.
68 03 "Runaways" September 21, 1996 069
After a heated argument with Goliath, Brooklyn runs away from the castle and befriends two runaway teenagers. Through a series of events, Brooklyn realizes Goliath was just looking out for him and trying to show him how to be responsible, and the runaways are reunited with their parents.
69 04 "Broadway Goes to Hollywood" September 28, 1996 071
Seeing the gargoyles need a way to improve their image to ease the public's concern about them, Fox helps Broadway go to Hollywood for a TV interview. Unfortunately, the Quarrymen have hired a few old faces to ensure they fail: Hyena and Jackal are back!
70 05 "A Bronx Tail" October 5, 1996 074
Bronx befriends a runaway Amish boy while he and Lexington are away from the city.
71 06 "The Dying of the Light" October 26, 1996 076
Hudson has been having a recurring nightmare about when the Archmage blinded his left eye, coming to the conclusion his other eye is going blind; Hudson is suffering from glaucoma. Visiting his blind friend Jeffery Robbins, Hudson learns Jeffery figured out he was a gargoyle. Hudson is encouraged to seek medical attention, which he does with Jeffery attending. The surgery is successful, but the Quarrymen learn of Hudson's location and attack the hospital. Though advised to flee as he cannot use his eye yet, Hudson protests as it is a gargoyle's duty to protect others. With Jeffery's help, Hudson manages to set traps for the Quarrymen, which leave them defeated.
72 07 "And Justice for All" November 2, 1996 075
After foiling a robbery, Goliath is unfairly accused of being one of the perpetrators and arrested. Though the rest of the Manhattan clan wishes to break him out of jail, Goliath explains abiding by human laws will help make humans fear him less. Due to Goliath's nocturnal nature, the trial is held at night; Goliath points out several faults with the evidence that supposedly designates him as the guilty party. He later tricks the true culprit of the robbery into revealing his guilt, earning his pardon and showing humans that he is willing to abide by their laws and not resort to violence.
73 08 "Genesis Undone" November 9, 1996 078
Thailog and his Gargoyle clones are dying by slow petrification, due to some kind of fault in their DNA. A sympathetic Manhattan clan seeks out Dr. Sevarius to help them. Though Sevarious takes DNA samples from the clan to help heal the clones, he ends up using it to bring a new gargoyle to life, which he names Jr., after himself. Thailog, having originally made a deal with Servarious to leave the scientist in peace in exchange for a cure, uses the false serum on Anton Jr, petrifying him. Unfortunately, all of the clone clan petrify, with Servarious fleeing while the Manhattan clan can only hope to restore the clones one day.
74 09 "Generations" November 16, 1996 073
After falling out with Goliath, Angela takes refuge with her estranged mother, Demona. Demona shows Angela her life, such as several secret hideouts with numerous hi-tech gadgets and weapons, in an attempt to try winning her daughter over to her side.
75 10 "For It May Come True" November 23, 1996 080
Goliath awakens in an alternative universe where he is human, married to Elisa with children, and works for Xanatos. However, this reality is much worse for the Manhattan clan, since Goliath was responsible for changing Xanatos into a better person. This is all a dream brought about by Titania to show though he may doubt himself sometimes, Goliath is doing a great good at the cost of personal wants.
76 11 "To Serve Mankind" November 30, 1996 072
Though Mace Malone had previously failed in breaking Goliath in the Hotel Cabal ("Revelations"), thanks to Matt Bluestone, the rest of the Illuminati succeed in kidnapping Goliath and brainwashing him into following their commands.
77 12 "Seeing Isn't Believing" February 8, 1997 079
Proteus, the villain from New Olympus, escapes from captivity and heads for New York to cause trouble for the clan and Elisa. Taking Goliath's form, he commits many crimes. When confronted by (his New Olympian jailer) Taurus, Elisa, and Goliath, Proteus takes on Elisa's form to cause confusion. However, Goliath easily tricks Proteus into revealing himself by asking if Elisa ever doubted his innocence; Proteus answered "no", which is the opposite of what Elisa would say. Captured, Proteus is taken back to New Olympus by Taurus. Elisa tells Goliath that it was rather cruel of him to ask that question.
78 13 "Angels in the Night" February 15, 1997 081
The clan is lured into a trap by John Castaway and the Quarrymen, where it is believed all but Angela and Bronx were killed in an explosion. Luckily, it is revealed Xanatos saved the Manhattan clan by predicting John's plan and bribing the builder of the trap to build a second one within to save them, though they remain hidden. Captured, Angela and Bronx are sent on a train to be put in proper captivity. However, the Quarrymen attack the train, speeding it up and planning to send it and the passengers onboard over a now-destroyed bridge. The public now sees the Quarrymen are insane and are even more shocked when the Manhattan clan save the train and capture the Quarrymen. The episode comes to an end with Goliath repeating the Season 2 narration but ends with how his clan is now accepted by the world.

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