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Gaxton is a minor character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. He is an elf who used to be colleagues with Ian's father, Wilden Lightfoot before his death.


Gaxton shows kindness when talking to Ian. According to him, he was friends with Wilden Lightfoot at Willowdale College before his death. He does show a good conversation between him and Ian after realizing the sweatshirt he is wearing once belonged to his father.

Role in the film

Gaxton only appears in the scene where Ian goes to get breakfast at Burger Shire. Upon looking at the sweatshirt Ian is wearing with the griffin mascot on it, he realizes that the sweatshirt once belonged to his colleague Wilden Lightfoot. Gaxton explained to Ian that he went to Willowdale College with him before he passed away, telling him of what he did during his lifetime before his death. However, the conversation between Gaxton and Ian becomes interrupted when Gaxton's son collects his order for him. Gaxton then bids a farewell to Ian for a good conversation with him just as he and his son leave the restaurant after getting his order. His further fate is unknown.


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