Geena is a character and antagonist from the PKNA comic book series.


She's a droid from 23rd century. The first time the Duck Avenger traveled to that time, Geena was assigned to assist him, as the Avenger would be more comfortable with a familiar face around and she looked just like Lyla Lay (due to being a droid of the same 5Y model). During this time, the Duck Avenger treats her with the respect a person deserves, despite others telling she's just a machine.

Inspired by the Duck Avenger's kindness, she becomes one of the leaders of the droids' conspiracy against mankind. She manages to destroy Time Zero, the base of Time Police, to erase the historical archives of mankind, thus easily modifying past History, creating a future where droids are treated as equals by humans. When Odin Eidolon shows her that she would only create a future where robots are just as oppressive as humans were, she sacrifices herself to stop her own scheme and save the Duck Avenger, Eidolon and Lyla. Despite droid technicians claimed they could reactivate her, Duck Avenger opposed affirming that only machines can be reactivated.


  • Geena is one of the few characters to actually die in the series
  • Geena's fate is mirrored by Lyla in the final issue of the first series #49/50 What if..., with Duck Avenger repeating the same line in order to stop the technicians.


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