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Gekko the Croc is the second segment of the 9th Season 5 episode of PJ Masks.


Gekko is forced to be a sneaky crocodile when Pharaoh Boy has taken his friends prisoner.

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Now that Pharaoh Boy is back and no doubt up to trouble, the PJs decide to pay him a visit that night. When they arrive in the museum however, they find that Pharaoh Boy is laying in ambush. He manages to get Catboy and Owlette under his control with the Staff of Ra. He forces Catboy to polish the floor of the museum for him, and Owlette to keep him cool with her Owl Wing Wind. Gekko tries to fight back, but to no avail.

With 2 of the PJs under his control, Pharaoh Boy forces Gekko to work for him and complete the tasks that Pharaoh Boy gives him before all the sand in an hourglass runs out. He first orders Gekko to go to The Park and steal some Sticky Splat from Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos, who are target practicing there. He also orders Gekko not to tell anyone what is going on. Gekko reluctantly agrees and succeeds. Next, Pharaoh Boy has Gekko use the splat to take out Luna Girl, who is working on a painting, so he can steal her Luna Magnet. Again, Gekko reluctantly does as told. When he brings the magnet back to the museum, Pharaoh Boy orders him to use the magnet to steal an asteroid for him so Pharaoh Boy can drain its power. Gekko objects since asteroids are Newton's thing, and while Night Ninja and Luna Girl were villains, Newton is a friend. He has no choice however since Pharaoh Boy's control over Catboy and Owlette is growing stronger; the two are now completely in a hypnotic trance. As Gekko thus departs to perform this new task, Pharaoh Boy once more warns him not to tell anyone about this.

Using a telescope, it doesn't take long for Gekko to locate an asteroid, and with the magnet he easily steals it. Newton however notices the theft and flies to Earth to confront Gekko. Since Newton knows Gekko would never steal something for no reason, he deduces something is wrong and urges Gekko to tell him. Despite Pharaoh Boy's warning, Gekko spills the beans, which Newton confirms he should have done from the beginning. Newton secretly accompanies Gekko as he returns to the museum. Gekko gives Pharaoh Boy his asteroid, and reminds him of his promise. Pharaoh Boy however only breaks the trance that Catboy and Owlette are in, but doesn't make them stop doing their chores. Pharaoh Boy then drains the asteroid's powers into his Staff of Ra, and prepares to use his new power to bring all his magic from The World Beyond to The City.

Newton reveals himself and fights Pharaoh Boy. Although Owlette and Catboy are still forced to perform the chores Pharaoh Boy gave them, Gekko takes advantage of this by throwing/pushing them towards Pharaoh Boy. Catboy thus ends up polishing the floor right behind Pharaoh Boy which, combined with Owlette's wind, causes him to slip, and tumble back through the portal. He loses his Staff of Ra in the process, which Gekko uses to return the stolen powers to the asteroid. He then tosses the staff into the portal as well, which immediately closes. This finally fully frees Owlette and Catboy.

Outside the Museum, the heroes are confronted by Night Ninja and Luna Girl, who came to get their stuff back. Gekko tries to explain himself, but the villains are not interested and leave once they have what they want. The other PJs assure Gekko that despite what happened tonight, he is a hero. Along with Newton, they shout their victory cry.


  • This episode, along with "Catboy's Magic Trick," is the final episode to air in 2021.
  • It is revealed that Pharaoh Boy can control others without having to place the head of the staff on their heads, something that was done in "Pharaoh Boy."
  • Newton uses the Star Shields for the second time.
  • Laila Petersen-Jama debuts as a storyboard artist in this episode.
  • This is the fourth episode to not show Newton Star in his daytime identity.
  • Catboy gets a new nickname: Wimpy Whiskers.
  • This is the first time the Sphinx is displayed during the day.
  • Pharaoh Boy gets two new nicknames: the Boy King (which Pharaoh Boy referred to himself) and the King of 1,000 Suns (referred to by himself and Amaya).

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