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Sheriff Gene Dentler is a supporting character in the 2016 remake, Pete's Dragon. He is the sheriff of the town called Millhaven.

Role in the film

Sheriff Dentler is first seen after Natalie and Pete, a wild boy who Natalie followed in the forest, are taken to the hospital. When Grace wondered how Pete winded up in the woods, Dentler guesses that Pete was on a picnic or camping trip with his family, ran off and then got lost. While the doctors agree to look after Pete, Dentler decides to call the Department of Social Services.

After Pete escaped the hospital, Grace, Dentler and the rest or the police chased Pete through Milhaven. After Pete was cornered, Dentler spoke with Grace and agreed to let her look after Pete for the night.

That night, Dentler and his deputies did research to find how Pete ended up in the forest. Dentler called Grace and revealed that Pete's parents had died in a car crash six years previously. Dentler told Grace that Social Services would arrive tomorrow to take custody of Pete.

The next morning, people from the Department of Social Services arrived to take Pete. When Grace does not arrive with Pete, Dentler calls Jack Magary, Grace's boyfriend.

Dentler appears later on, after Jack calls him to the lumber mill, telling him to bring the rest of the police. Gavin, Jack's brother claims that he has captured a dragon, much to Dentler's disbelief. Dentler then follows Jack, Gavin, Grace and the others into the warehouse where Gavin is keeping Elliott, bound to a flatbed truck. Upon entering the warehouse, Dentler sees nothing (earlier on, Elliot had turned invisible, while Pete & Natalie had snuck in & untied the dragon) and Gavin suspects that the dragon had escaped. The group then leave the warehouse, but watch as the truck with Elliott drives off.

Dentler and the rest of group give chase, but stop at a bridge, where an engraged Elliott breathes fire to stop his pursuers, also damaging the bridge in the process. Dentler and the rest ot the group then watches as Elliott rescues Grace and Jack from falling into the ravine, and then as Elliott and Pete fly off.


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