All right, you pitiful, soft-bellied sad sacks, eyes front and listen up! I'm your commanding officer, General Knowledge. And it's my job to turn you mealy-mouthed meatheads into a crack squadron of Cranium Commandos. Your job - if you can cut it - will be to run the most sophisticated information system ever devised: the human brain.
―General Knowledge's introduction

General Knowledge is a character from the extinct Epcot attraction Cranium Command.


Cranium Command

General Knowledge appears as the face of the Cranium Command organization throughout the attraction's queue. In the pre-show, he is sent to oversee the deployment of new Commandos, dramatically entering the scene through a broken wall. A short-tempered motor mouth drill sergeant type of character, General Knowledge shifts his attention to the small and meek Buzzy and threatens him with piloting the brain of a chicken should he fail. When Buzzy is assigned "the most unstable craft in the fleet", a teenage boy, Knowledge immediately thinks his superiors made a mistake.

In the main show, Knowledge appears to advise Buzzy when he gets in over his head and overblows his fears at school, advising to "Use your head, don't lose your head". Buzzy pulls through and Knowledge congratulates him for his success.

Walt Disney World Explorer

In the program's page on the attraction, the CD-ROM's narrator Corey Burton points out that he voices General Knowledge and shifts into doing the voice while talking about the attraction.


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