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Greetings, puny Earthers. I am General Lunaris of the vastly superior Planet Moon. For too long, my people have lived in fear of your Earth hanging in the sky. The time has come for the Earth to fear us. I now wish to speak to Scrooge McDuck. "Smarter than the smarties", eh? Heh. Perhaps on Earth. You've probably just realized that I've taken out your defenses. And you've retreated to the strength of your impenetrable "Money Bin". But as we all know your family is the greatest strength of all. Which is why I'm coming for them next. Lunaris... has arrived.
―Lunaris' speech to the people of earth.

General Lunaris is the main antagonist of Disney Channel/Disney XD TV series DuckTales's second season. The general of the Moon, he serves as the leader of the Moonlander aliens located in the hidden city of Tranquility, where the buildings are made of gold.

Despite his kindness towards Della, he is revealed to be prejudicial towards Earthlings in the episode "The Golden Spear!".


At first, Lunaris treats Della kindly as he congratulates Della for bringing peace between the Moonlanders and the creatures living there so that the Moonlanders will no longer need to hide. However, as Della prepares to leave the Moon to return to Earth, he soon reveals himself to be a treacherous, evil, manipulative, and egotistical war-monger with a misanthropic view towards Earthlings and prejudicial plans to invade Earth; also highly delusional. He also continues his plans to invade Earth even after Della solves one of the biggest problems that the Moonlanders had. In addition, during his insane final act of destroying the Earth, he shows no regard for the safety of his own troops as he was perfectly willing to destroy the Earth with them still on it, and willingly endangered them by persuading them to go to war in the first place.

Lunaris is also a top military strategist as he was able to anticipate and be ready to counter any of Scrooge McDuck's potential plans to stop his invasion. This ultimately forced Scrooge to reluctantly team-up with Flintheart Glomgold, as the unpredictable nature of Glomgold's unorthodox plans was enough to catch Lunaris off-guard, which would be one of the key contributing factors that would lead to his downfall.

Role in the series

"What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!"

Lunaris is first seen after Della tells Penumbra that she needs to repair her ship to return to Earth, much to Penumbra's bad-tempered distrust. He, Penumbra, and Della go underground where they witness the giant Moon Mite attempting to eat them. Lunaris, along with Penumbra and Della help hunt down the giant creature as she keeps confronting it, while Lunaris tells Penumbra to stop firing lasers at the creature before she hits Della. Upon hearing a lonely baby Moon Mite, Lunaris explains to Della that the small creature was abandoned while the adult is looking for the baby and it is then known that the Moon Mite is not evil but rather protective. Reuniting the small Moon Mite to its mother, Della gives the weapons of Lunaris and Penumbra for them to eat so that they will no longer harm them much to Penumbra having a distrustful attitude towards Della. Soon as the Moon Mites leave, Lunaris explains to Della that the Moonlanders have been fighting these creatures for years and if they share the gold with them, the Moonlanders will no longer fight the creatures, congratulating Della. Lunaris then tells that the people will no longer hide in the city of Tranquility because Della made peace between creatures and Moonlanders, revealing the whole city made of gold where he explains that the aliens in the Moon use gold for resources. Lunaris then explains that Della could be useful to protect the Moon from danger, much to Penumbra's temper.

"The Golden Spear!"

Lunaris appears at the beginning of the episode telling Della that Tranquility is the perfect place to repair her ship. Upon seeing a statue of Penumbra, Lunaris explains that Penumbra is the protector of the Moon. When Penumbra gets offended when Della calls her "Penny", Lunaris explains that Penumbra has no war to fight after the Moon Mites no longer clash with the Moonlanders. Lunaris then takes Penumbra. Upon looking at Earth, Lunaris explains to Penumbra that his father Meridian was afraid of Earth and the plan of hiding allowed Moon Mites to dwell on Earth.

When Della is planning to return to Earth, Lunaris stops Penumbra from throwing a spear at Della, telling her not to harm her. Della then tells Lunaris and Penumbra that she will take of her children when she leaves the Moon for Earth. When Della goes on her ship that is ready to leave the Moon, Lunaris tells her that he will build a bigger fleet to protect the Moon from danger. As soon as Della leaves the Moon, laser fire rings out, which worries the other Moonlanders, and they soon wonder what is wrong with him after noticing the wound on his arm (which he gave himself). Lunaris then uses this setup to spin a fabricated story that Della attacked him and betrayed all of them, explaining that Della's encounter was an elaborate deception, specifically, a cover for gathering intel for the people of Earth in preparation to invade them, much to the shock, horror and gradual anger of the Moonlanders. During the speech, he convinces his people that they need to prove that they are not weak like she and the rest of her kind think, declaring war against Earth for the sake of invading them before they inevitably invade them first to prove the Moonlanders are stronger than the Earthlings, and that the Moon is the greatest planet. Upon declaring this, the Moonlanders form an angry mob and follow suit in declaring war against Earth, much to Penumbra's disappointment.

Later on, Penumbra asks Lunaris why he lied to them, to which he replies that the Moonlanders needed a reason to fight, so he gave them one; betrayal. She then expresses her concern that he's unnecessarily putting his people in danger. Lunaris, however, stubbornly declares that unlike his late father, he will not live in fear of the Earth, but rather, he will make the Earth fear him. He then reveals that he deliberately allowed Della to get close with her since she expresses a lot of fondness for her, to the point that she reminded her of her brother, leaving Penumbra to ponder over this.

"Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!"

Lunaris only appears at the end of the episode where he tells two aliens Gibbous and Zenith to seize Donald for attacking the Moon to which Donald did not really do believing the person riding on the Spear of Selene is Della who betrayed them but in fact is actually Donald.

"What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!"

Lunaris tells the angry mob of aliens that he recently discovered Donald Duck who is accused for spying on the Moon (also calling him a minion of Della Duck to which he calls both of them traitors) showing him in front of the mob. Not understanding what Donald is saying, Lunaris explains that Donald wants to bring death to the aliens of the Moon. Lunaris then mutes Donald putting a golden strap on him to keep him from shouting, explaining that capturing Donald is the reason why the Moonlanders must strike first as the aliens continue to declare war on Earth and protect the Moon. Penumbra is then given a badge as the champion for defending the Moon from Earthlings as the mob cheers for Penumbra's victory to which Penumbra explains that this is actually a lie as Donald did not attack the aliens.

Donald is then thrown into prison as part of Lunaris' plan to destroy Earth as Donald sees a poster in his cell room telling prisoners that they cannot escape prison at all. Lunaris and Penumbra walk by Donald as he explains to her that a fleet of ships to invade Earth is in process of being built as he tells Penumbra to take care of Donald before he causes havoc on the Moon. Penumbra then asks Donald that she and Donald hate the plan that Lunaris is building a fleet of ships to invade Earth as Penumbra gives him a task to stop Lunaris from building a fleet of ships.

When Penumbra takes Donald to Lunaris' private area, she asks Donald to find the blueprints required to build the fleet of ships without letting Lunaris know she took Donald to his area. Donald accidentally enters Lunaris' secret war room which features his plan to invade Earth to which Penumbra explains that Lunaris is planning to invade Earth before Della arrived on the Moon as the war room also shows anyone who could attack the Moon. Upon accidentally pressing the button activating a golden cannon targeting Earth, Penumbra shows Donald footage of Lunaris using the cannon to which Penumbra then tells him that the golden cannon must be the reason why he needed plans to build a fleet of ships which could start an alien invasion as the fleet finishes building. Before Penumbra could finish instructing Donald to use a radar to give signal to the McDucks that Lunaris is planning to start an alien invasion, Lunaris stabilizes her due to the badge Lunaris placed on her earlier.

On the cannon, Donald confronts Lunaris to stop him from continuing his plan. Donald suddenly becomes enraged (also destroying the golden strap covering his beak) as he goes to the top of the cannon to warn Scrooge and the McDuck Family that Lunaris is planning to start the invasion, but Lunaris breaks it, causing him to lose contact with the McDucks. Donald accidentally slips into the cannon and he notices Donald being launched to Earth, much to Lunaris' worry.

"The Richest Duck in the World!"

Although Lunaris himself does not appear in this episode, Penumbra gives Della and her family a warning that Lunaris is planning to destroy Earth, telling them that the defenses of the McDuck family are not strong enough to stop him from destroying Earth. This was due to Louie's attempts to stop Bombie which caused the defenses to be weak.


Lunaris appears as the main antagonist of the Season 2 finale where he plans to destroy Earth to which the McDucks must find resources to stop the alien invasion.

As the Moonlanders attack everyone on Earth, Gyro and the McDucks listen to him via projector screen to which he explains that the time has come for the Earth to fear the Moon. Before Scrooge can denounce him, Lunaris explains that he removed the McDucks' defenses as the McDuck Family sees a spaceship arriving on Earth as Lunaris explains that he now has arrived to destroy Earth. Scrooge McDuck and the gang find plans to stop the alien invasion from destroying Earth.

Gyro's bulbs are then sent to summon various recruits to stop the alien invasion (including Gizmoduck, Darkwing Duck, Amunet, and others) to join the battle and stop the invasion before Lunaris destroys Earth. During a meeting, Scrooge devises a plan to sneak upon Lunaris by destroying his ship and end the war against Earthlings and Moonlanders. Meanwhile when Darkwing Duck tells Scrooge to go slower, he tells him that he has to get to Lunaris before he knows that he is destroying the aliens' defenses. As Huey, Dewey, and Louie tell their mother Della they couldn't find any recruits from Ithaquack and other parts of the world and telling her that the plan is about escaping, Della explains that Lunaris is targeting them and the only way to be safe is to escape.

At the Money Bin, Scrooge (wearing Darkwing Duck's outfit) discovers Lunaris' ship where he is unable to get inside to confront him due to the ship being a hologram. Lunaris (as a hologram) then tells Scrooge that his father Meridian taught him that fear is the greatest weakness of the Moonlanders and can cause distraction to the Earthlings. Lunaris' real ship suddenly appears as he explains that the time has come for the Earth to revolve around the Moon. Ignoring Scrooge's protests, Lunaris then decides to destroy Earth by causing it to revolve around the Moon. Meanwhile at Chums, Launchpad tells the gang that everyone has been captured due to Lunaris' plan to destroy Earth.

Meanwhile, Donald survived the Moon and Donald and the nephews plan to stop Lunaris from destroying Earth, but Della tells them that the plan is to stay away from danger, especially alien ambushes. Back at Chums, Scrooge tells his nemesis Flintheart Glomgold to know if he has other plans to defeat Lunaris but Glomgold explains that he only has one plan to defeat him. Lunaris then receives several alerts on his ship consisting of Scrooge's plan rebelling against him. When Scrooge (dressed as Santa Claus) arrives, Lunaris explains that the plan he is doing is embarrassing the Earthlings and the Moonlanders as he also witnesses Scrooge and Glomgold arguing. A few of Glomgold's sharks tear part of Lunaris' ship as Glomgold, Manny the Headless Man-Horse, Mrs. Beakley, and Scrooge retaliate as he explains that the fighters will live in the fear of the Moonlanders. Before Lunaris plans to kill Scrooge, Mitzi, along with Cousin Fethry, Gladstone, Della, Webby, and the nephews, corner the corrupt general as he plans to protect his ship from being destroyed.

Upon returning to his ship, Lunaris goes back to Outer Space as everyone thought Lunaris is defeated. But they were soon proven wrong as the evil general spins his ship back towards Earth announcing his intent to blow it up, not caring his own people are still on it. Hearing this, the Moonlanders are horrified to realize they were aiding a ruthless monster willing to sacrifice their lives. The McDucks then plan to stop Lunaris before he destroys Earth as he keeps firing lasers to stop them. Lunaris then plans to succeed his mission to destroy Earth by taking out Della Duck, but Penumbra stops him from doing so, helping the McDucks. As Lunaris plans to back up, the engines could not back up due to one of Glomgold's sharks chewing on the wiring as Selene tells him that Storkules is bringing Earth back to orbit in order to save the planet. As Selene explains that he is the Earth's newest Moon, as Lunaris screams in humiliation being trapped in space as the second moon in an ironic yet fitting punishment.


  • As a running gag, Lunaris calls the Moon a planet and the other characters correct him, much to his chagrin.
  • Lunaris is highly delusional. He lived in constant fear of Earth for now other reason than that was in the sky above the moon. His invasion plan is also insane, as he attacks Earth which can pose no more of a threat to the moon than its own inhabitants (as they have technology just above Earth's own weaponry).
  • Lunaris is easily one of the the most malicious antagonists in the DuckTales franchise to date alongside Ponce de Leon and the reboot version of Taurus Bulba. Unlike most other villains, he has virtually no comedic quirks, is unquestionably competent, and manages to pose a huge threat to the well-being of everyone on Earth. Most notably, his final, suicidal effort to ram his Planetary Engine into the Earth with enough force to destroy it would have wiped out all its inhabitants, along with his own people, and he came very close to succeeding.
  • Lunaris' plan to make the Earth revolve around the Moon demonstrates his mental instability, as this could destroy Earth's ecosystem and subsequently wipe out all life forms.


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