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My name is General Yunan, Scourge of the Sand Wars, Defeater of Ragnar the Wretched, and the youngest newt to ever achieve the rank of general in the great Newtopian Army!
―Yunan's war-cry, list of titles and oft-repeated introduction

General Yunan is a supporting character in Amphibia. She is a female warrior newt who is from Newtopia and the youngest newt to achieve the rank of general in the Newtopian Army.


General Yunan achieved the rank of general among the Newtopian army at the youngest age ever, of which she boasts about regularly when introducing herself.


General Yunan is very prideful and repeatedly boasts about her achievements, which she quotes a lot. She is psychotic and vicious to her enemies, being quite intelligent too as she was able to trick Percy and Braddock into revealing Grime's location. Despite being psychotic, Yunan has a sense of honor, as she was conflicted when King Andrias revealed his true intentions and (although normally opposing treason) refused to work for him by "Olivia & Yunan" and helps Lady Olivia to free Marcy. Despite claiming to be fearless, she is shown to have a fear of Grubhogs due to one seemingly trying to eat her arm off when she was young, and though she works alone, she praises Marcy and Olivia for their great team work.

Role in the series

Season Two

In "Toadcatcher", she was sent by Newtopia to capture Grime for military failure in the Valley, however being defeated by him and Sasha when they decided to work together.

In "The First Temple", she reported to Andrias about the continued civil disorder in the kingdom, but their meeting was cut short when the king got a message from Marcy about her progress.

In "True Colors", she helped save Anne and her allies from the toad guards when Grime and his toad army invaded Newtopia. She later helped Polly and Frobo fight the toad soldiers in the city and distract them so Anne and Sprig shut the city gates to prevent more toads from entering, also helping to remove a doorstop on the gate so it can be closed. They all succeed in stopping the invasion, but when they learned about Andrias' true sinister motivations, Yunnan protected Lady Olivia from Frog-Bots after both defected from him.

Season Three

In "Turning Point", which continues where "True Colors" left off, it is revealed that Lady Olivia and Yunan were still around after the battle concluded, having likely hidden themselves throughout the fight. When Andrias recovered the Calamity Box after stabbing Marcy and transporting Anne and the Planters to Earth, the two make an attempt to flee the scene, but Andrias spots them, with the King questioning if the two were with him or not. The two now afraid of King Andrias true nature and the power he now commands, Yunan swears fealty to him alongside Olivia. Andrias then instructed Olivia and Yunan to put Marcy in a rejuvenation tank to save the girl's life.

In "Olivia & Yunan", weeks later, Yunan and Olivia still serve Andrias out of fear even though they want no part of his plan to conquer the Multiverse. She and Olivia were then summoned by Andrias, wondering what was keeping, they took a peek and saw Andrias supposedly talking to himself about how things are going and testing a device on someone. Andrias then welcome her and Olivia in and announced their new assignments: Olivia is ordered to oversee the construction of their refineries and Yunan is ordered to round up Frogs to work in them and also terminated those who resisted. After being dismissed, Yunan caught Olivia talking about committing treason, she wants in. She and Olivia decided to turn on Andrias as he turns Amphibia into a wasteland and attempted to rescue Marcy, though Yunan is reluctant as she believes humans are backstabbers, but agree as Marcy was the only one who can beat Andrias at Flipwart.

After avoiding the Frobots, they enter secret doorway in Marcy's room that leads to the basement, as the journey further to find Marcy, they come upon the Mossman and Shadowfish who are revealed to be prisoners from other worlds that the previous took prisoner. They arrived at a door that had eight figures with glowing eyes and one in the center, as they pushed it open, they spotted Marcy still in the Rejuvenation Tank, walk to it, Yunan climb up and pulled her out, and placed her on the floor, and removed the tubes and the Oxygen Mask.

When Marcy woke up from her coma, Yunan noticed that Marcy is out of state, she begins being rough with her in order to wake her up, but Olivia stops her. As they help carried her, they were suddenly face to face with their worst fears: Olivia was afraid of disappointing her mother, Yunan is afraid of Grubhogs (because one nearly bit her Hand off when she was a child), and Marcy being not forgiven by Sasha and Anne. Luckily, they noticed Eyes were projecting their fear and then destroy them. They believed they succeed, but failed as Andrias stops them and then Andrias' master, The Core appears, grabs Marcy and strapped her to a chair. Andrias reveals the core is need of a host and it chose Marcy due to her intelligence and Yunan was forced to watch in horror as the Core possesses her.

In "The Beginning of the End", it's revealed that Yunan and Olivia were captured and force to wear mind-controlling collars to serve both Andrias and the Core. Anne, the Plantars, Sasha, and Grime confronted them while they were on a mission to get the Calamity Box and save Marcy. Anne and Sasha battle the duo in a dance and freed them, after being freed, they tried to warn Anne and Sasha that Marcy was possessed by the Core, only to walk into a trap by Darcy. As the Core and Andrias prepared their invasion of Earth.

In "All In", Yunan was later held captive with the group, but later escape thanks to one of Frobo's upgrades. After landing in a pool on one of the buildings, Yunan was surprised that she was on Earth. She later joined the group to take on some Frobots that were attacking civilians until Mr. X and Anne's parents came to aid them. They went to St. James Middle School to work on a plan to stop the Invasion, during which Mr. X gives both her and Yunan laser weapons which she likes. Yunan, Olivia, Sasha, and Grime boarded the castle in order to shut down the force field and free Marcy from the Core's control. After Andrias and Darcy's invasion of Earth had been foiled she, Olivia, Anne, Sasha, Marcy, the Planters, and Grime returned to Amphibia they announced their victory. However, moments after returning it is discovered that the moon is heading towards their world.


  • Zehra Fazal said she drew inspiration from characters such as Darkwing Duck for her performance as Yunan.
  • Her name is probably a reference to the now-extinct Yunnan lake newt (Cynops wolterstorffi).
  • Her retractable claws are similar to Marvel superhero Wolverine.
  • When the episode "True Colors" was leaked online, a personal message from Yunan was released asking fans to wait for the official release of the episode and demands that the viewers remain strong and vigilant until the premiere.[2]
  • General Yunan is afraid of grubhogs when one seemingly almost ate her arm off as a little girl and was made fun of for it.
  • During the Live Autograph Signing event, it is revealed that Olivia and Yunan are a married couple.[1]



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