George Van Brunt (better known as Van Brunt by PJ) is a bully and PJ's lab partner. During the lab assignment, he didn't do any work. Van Brunt told PJ to call him when the project was done. Meanwhile, PJ was insulting Van Brunt and accidentally butt-dialled him. Van Brunt told PJ and Emmett that Mrs. Jeter took his phone away. Later, PJ and Emmett come back to steal Van Brunt's phone and delete the message they accidentally sent. Van Brunt walks in with Mrs. Jeter asking her if he could have his phone back. Trying to get away with it, PJ asks Van Brunt if he could make a phone call on his phone. PJ throws his phone into the cup thinking that the old offensive message would automatically be erased. Van Brunt yells "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!" and tells PJ that he owes him a phone. A few days later, he hears what PJ and Emmett said about him, all of it. Van Brunt lets PJ choose what he should do to him as revenge. PJ and Emmett pick #5 and that meant they had to carry Van Brunt on a cart.


Everyone is scared of him. even PJ in real life and at home. George Van Brunt is shown to be mean, lazy, and unkind. He only appeared in the episode Butt Dialling Duncans. Van Brunt is pretty "organized" for a bully.

Personal Life

As of 2010, Van Brunt goes to South High. It is unknown if he still goes there.

When PJ and Emmett want number 5, the only one that is not painful, Van Brunt made them carry him on a cart.

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