Deleted scenes from the George of the Jungle film series.

Picture Description
Lyle Van de Groot and Ursula Stanhope discuss her safari trip as he moves his things into her tent.
Max and Thor set up a shower in the campsite.
One trailer features an alternate take of George's reaction to an incoming tree he and Ursula are swinging into.
The scene where George receives mating advice from Ape was to immediately follow the scene where Ursula reacts to her treehouse surroundings. It is instead used later in the film.
George solves an issue between two gorilla claiming ownership over a coconut, breaking it in half with his head. This scene was meant to precede Ursula thanking George for saving her. Ape's reactions were moved to later in the film when George gives Ursula vine-swinging lessons.
The theatrical trailer for the film features an alternate take of Ursula's line, "That's your dog?" following Shep's introduction.
George demonstrates a trick to Ursula as they ride Shep.
This scene is used in one of the film's trailers.

During their search for Lyle and the group, George, Shep and Ursula stop for a rest. While George and Shep take a nap, Ursula goes off on her own to search. George is awoken by a Bongo-gram and is lead to Ursula, who is deep in quicksand. He dives in and pulls her out on his shoulders.
George sleeps in a hammock, presumably as Ursula is using his bed during her stay in the treehouse.
George shows off a vine trick.
The theatrical trailer features a shot from the "Dela" campfire dance scene not used in the final cut of the film.
Originally, the scene where George teaches Ursula to vine swing was to immediately precede the scene where Lyle arrives at the treehouse. George is seen wearing her lucky ring on his neck crown, which is given to him during the campfire scene (which occurs later in the final cut of the film).
After George tries out his jungle call on Ursula's balcony, she tells him people use phones to call friends instead. He shouts into the telephone.

While at Neiman Marcus, Ursula runs into Beatrice. George makes off with her dog, Coco, and the two ride around the store in an toy car. Eventually, George starts swinging around the store as well.

Lyle appears at Ursula's engagement party, now with a completely shaved head. He has a brief tussle with George. Afterward, Ursula and George have a heart-to-heart talk at a fountain in town.
The theatrical trailer depicted a scene meant to take place after Ape tells Tookie Tookie to go find George in the city. In a gag depicting him "flying" there in first class, Tookie is asked by a stewardess if he would like to have another mimosa.

After realizing she's in love with George, Ursula heads to Betsy's car with her luggage as she heads back to the jungle.
This scene added back in certain syndication airings of the film.
The theatrical trailer features an extended shot of George rowing down a river in his canoe.

George leaps to a vine hanging just outside his treeehouse. He just misses it and instead plummets to the ground.
This scene is included in the theatrical trailer.

George of the Jungle 2

Picture Description
George and George Jr. practice their jungle calls.
During their poker game, Ape passes gas. Several subsequent reactions from Lyle were shot.
Beatrice's talk with George keeps him up at night, worrying whether Ursula and son enjoy living in the jungle. Ursula confronts him to lay his worries to rest, admitting she enjoys being queen of the jungle.
Beatrice details her plan to steal the deed to Ape Mountain, while Lyle does some sit-ups to look when he "runs into" Ursula at Ape's performance.
As Rocky gives George Jr. a hopping lesson, Ursula muses to her and George's wedding photo that nothing will ever stop their love.
At a father/song scout camping trip, Lyle tells the group a series of lies about his adventures. George Jr. tries to convince the group otherwise.
As George crashes into something in Vegas, Christopher Showerman appears as a heavy, nerdy man reacting in the crowd.
After George convinces George Jr. to return to the jungle, he swings down from his room. He then swings right into Ursula, knocking her out again.
George puts Ursula in the treehouse hammock just before the big showdown.
George attempts to stop a bulldozer on vine, but ends up crashing into the windshield.
Another of George's swings ends in disaster, crashing into Ape this time.