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Georgia Jones is the mother of both CeCe Jones and Flynn Jones and is divorced from her children's father, J.J. Jones. She was briefly engaged to Jeremy Hunter in season three. She works as a police officer. Her first appearance was in "Start It Up".


Georgia is funny, quick-witted, and uses her police-power to threaten people (usually Gary Wilde ) to leave her alone. Gary tries to hit on her ("Add It Up"). She also claims to work too much, and she does not have enough time to spend with her children ("Heat It Up").


  • "Start It Up"
  • "Meatball It Up"
  • "Add It Up"
  • "Party It Up"
  • "Heat It Up"
  • "Sweat It Up"
  • "Vatalihootsit It Up" (mentioned)
  • "Break It Up"
  • "Throw It Up"
  • "Shake It Up, Up & Away"
  • "Jingle It Up"
  • "Parent Trap It Up"
  • "Wrestle It Up"
  • "Reality Check It Up"
  • "Made In Japan"


  • In "Heat It Up", Georgia says that her natural hair color is blonde, but later she was shown to have auburn hair.
  • She is divorced from Flynn's and CeCe's father/Mr. Jones.
  • Gary has a thing for her and hits on her every chance he gets; it's unknown if she likes him back.
  • She is similar to CeCe and Flynn in many ways.
  • In one episode, Georgia revealed she is 29, so this would mean she had Cece when she was only 15 years old, but it is unknown if she was lying about her age.
  • She has always wanted a blue scarf ("Jingle It Up").
  • She's behind on laundry ("Start It Up").
  • she once was a cop on Taylor Lautner's set.


  • Georgia: Alright, I'm off... to fight crime.
    CeCe: Mom, you're a cop. Not a superhero.
    Georgia: A single mom raising two kids on her own is a superhero.