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"Get This Right," also titled "I Wanna Get This Right" on the home video release, is a song by Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Kristen Bell as Anna deleted from the film Frozen II. It is a love song from Kristoff to Anna about how he wants to get things right for her, with occasional interjections by Anna. As Kristoff is ultimately unable to properly express himself, the song ends with her proposing marriage to him instead and the two doing a duet after he accepts. The song was ultimately replaced with the ballad "Lost in the Woods."

The song is included on the deluxe edition of the film's soundtrack.


It's not you, it's me
The timing and the setting
Aren't what I thought they'd be
There's probably someone better for you out there anyway
Maybe I just need some space
Though I should just come out and say

I wanna get this right
Baby, I wanna thrill you in the way you deserve
I wanna blow your mind, darlin'
I'm just having trouble getting up the nerve
I wanna give you what you want
I wanna be the man you choose
I wanna sweep you off your feet
Without puking on your shoes
Maybe I'll do better in the candlelight
I gotta get this right

No, no, no, stay right where you are
I'll put out the fire in my love.

I wanna make you swoon
Baby, I wanna rock you with my righteous romance
I wanna set a mood, darlin'
But I'm sweatin' through the seat of these pants

Are you okay?

I had planned to read a poem
I thought I'd play a little lute
Ooh! Here's a thing, I've got a ring I didn't bring
Oh, shoot!
So this went very well, good night!
I didn't get this right

Kristoff, it's okay, come back!

I've never been in love before
I don't know what I'm doing
I've never been too worldly
In the ways of woman-wooing
I'm freezing up, I'm blowing it
Not what I'm meant to do
I know how crazy lucky I am
To love you

Gorgeous, funny, brave and brilliant
Beautiful, won't give up on anyone
You, ohhh!


I wanna get this right, baby
I wanna love in the best way I can
I wanna make you cry
In a good way!
By proving I could be your perfect man
I meant to write it in the sky
I meant to get down on one knee
I planned to really try
To be the opposite of me
But, Anna, I will love you with all my might
I promise you, in here, I've got that part right
Or maybe we should do this on some other night

Wait! Lord Kristoff of Arendelle, will you marry me?

You got that right!

Krsistoff and Anna:
Baby, I'm gonna thrill you in the way you deserve
We're gonna get this right, darlin'
As long as we're together
We won't lose our nerve

I'm gonna be the man you want

Guess what - you already are

I wanna make your life so good

You're doin' pretty good so far

Kristoff and Anna:
We got the hard part over with
Now hold me tight
We're gonna get this right!

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