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The Giant Magnet is a large orange junkyard magnetic attached to the T.C. (Tower Crane), and the climatic main antagonist of The Brave Little Toaster.


Physical appearance[]

The Giant Magnet is a enormous orange bell-shaped magnet, suspended on two strong cables, nose with rivets on it, blue menacing eyes and no mouth.

Role in the film[]

The Giant Magnet is the final antagonist in the film. It appears near the end of the film when the main characters are sent to Ernie's Disposal, an automotive junkyard. During the song "Worthless", the Giant Magnet kills seven of the Junkyard Cars without a care for their dilemma, one by one, picking them up and dropping them onto a conveyor belt leading to a Crusher, which crushes them into tiny cubes, while Toaster and his fellow appliances try to find cover from the Giant Magnet. Unlike the Junkyard Cars, it has no mouth to speak with and doesn't have any expressions aside from a permanent scowl (and a confused look, briefly).

Being a cold and uncaring machine created to destroy, the Giant Magnet shows no sympathy for its victims and has no regrets about killing them. Its wicked nature also causes it to do potential harm to even humans. Although the Magnet is simply performing its job to destroy the cars (as Elmo St. Peters was doing his job to sell parts), It later chases the appliances, deliberately picking up every object (or more) they hide under. When the Master arrives at Ernie's Disposal to retrieve his appliances, it grabs onto all of them (except for Toaster who jumped off the conveyor belt when the others were all spotted by the Master) without noticing the Magnet removing its face and chasing him, picks them up, being lifted into the air and dropped onto the conveyor belt along with them. As they are about to be killed by the Crusher, Toaster jumps into the workings of the machine, using his own body to jam its gears. The Crusher is disabled just in time, and the Toaster is repaired by the Master. It is unknown whether the magnet knows about this or not.


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