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Gideon Goat or Giddy Goat is an anthropomorphic goat, a supporting character in the Mickey Mouse comic strips of the 1930s.


Gideon first appeared in the 1930 Mickey Mouse Book #1[1]. He appeared in various American and European printed Disney comics until 1938. He was usually characterized as a farmer or the local sheriff. Gideon is married to a female anthropomorphic goat named Gertie (presumably Gertrude) who also appeared in many early Mickey Mouse comics, primarily as a background character.

Promotional materials for the 1935 animated short The Band Concert include Giddy Goat as one of the characters. In the released film, however, he was replaced by a dog trombonist character.[2]

Floyd Gottfredson made regular use of the character in his comic strips, and later artists sometimes borrowed the character.



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