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Sir, they've taken the Dauntless! Commodore! They've taken the ship! Sparrow and Turner—they've taken the Dauntless!
―Gillette to James Norrington[src]

Gillette is a major supporting character in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. He is a lieutenant of the British Royal Navy who first served under Commodore Norrington in Port Royal and fought cursed skeletal pirates aboard the HMS Dauntless. Years later, Gillette still served as lieutenant, this time under Captain Barbossa's on HMS Providence, during the quest for the Fountain of Youth.


At some point in his early life, a young Gillette enlisted on the British Royal Navy and was placed under the command of Lieutenant James Norrington. He then became part of the troops located in Port Royal, which were under the command of James Norrington after he was promoted Captain. Later, Gillette be promoted to lieutenant, and acted as Norrington's most trusted officer and right hand man.


"Don't worry, Miss. He's already informed of that. A little mermaid flopped up on deck and told him the whole story."

Gillette is an upholder of the law and followed orders given to him. Like all British soldiers, he is a fierce opponent of piracy and did his best to fight him. He also showed great loyalty to his commanders and implicitly obeyed their orders.

On the other hand, Gillette was sardonic and arrogant, frequently reply during a conversation with sarcasm and subtle insults. However, he was very cowardly and preferred to avoid battles when possible, as this seen when he without a fight, handed to Jack Sparrow and Will Turner HMS Dauntless in Port Royal, as soon as they pointed pistols at him.

Gillette, at first, did not believe in the supernatural. Even when asked by Elizabeth to warn James Norrington about the immortality of the pirates, he only sarcastically laughed at her. However, when in the moonlight, he saw skeletal Pintel and Ragetti approaching HMS Dauntless in a boat, he was extremely shocked and realized that he was wrong.

By the time when started events of On Stranger Tides, Gillette's overall demeanor took a turn to the good: he already showed much less arrogance and became less cowardly. However, his habit of making fun of people sarcastically did not go away, as this evident when he emphasized that Hector Barbossa does not take steps, but ("Footstep, actually").

Physical appearance

Lieutenant Gillette

Gillette has brown hair, brown eyes, and dark eyebrows. An exception typical for the lieutenant himself is an arrogant look, and a white wig on his head, which is characteristic of the British military.

Like other British officers, his clothes also consist of a blue coat with gold stripes on it, a white waistcoat with the same stripes and metal buttons under the coat, and a white shirt underneath. In addition, his waistcoat is girt, the same color, belt, which is stuck flintlock pistol and sword.

Just on his head, he adorns a triangle hat with the same strip, as on a coat.


As an officer of the Royal Navy, Gillette is skilled with a pistol and a sword. But, because of his preference for avoiding fights, the degree of possession is unknown. However, he is experienced enough to survive in battle with the immortal team of pirates.

Also, Gillette is likely an experienced sailor, considering that he was first the main assistant of Commander Norrington aboard the HMS Dauntless, and, later, the main assistant of Hector Barbossa aboard HMS Providence.


The Curse of the Black Pearl

Norrington and Gillette.

Gillette appears among the Royal Navy of Port Royal under the command of Captain James Norrington and Governor Weatherby Swann. When Norrington is promoted to the rank of Commander, Gillette, like many other officers, attends his initiation ceremony and became his first assistant. However, when Elizabeth Swann suddenly falls off of the wall of Fort Charles, Gillette prevents Norrington from jumping to save her, stating that the rocks could lead to his death. After Jack Sparrow rescues Elizabeth, Commander Norrington orders Gilette to shack Jack, and, after his escape, helps to catch him.

The following morning, Gillette and his men are stationed aboard HMS Dauntless. When Sparrow and Turner get on the ship and begin to talk about his capture, Gillette laughs haughtily over an attempt to take over the HMS Dautless command, since on such a large ship there was not a crew of just two people. However, when Sparrow points to Flintlock on his head, he chickens out and gives them a ship.

Later, Gillette participates in the search for Elizabeth, along with Commander Norrington and Governor Swann. After Elizabeth Swann along with Jack Sparrow is rescued, HMS Dauntless heads for Isla de Muert to save Will Turner. When they arrived, Norrington ordered Elizabeth to be locked in the captain's cabin for her safety. When she tried to tell Gillette to warn Norrington about the pirates of the undead, he did not betray her words, and even haughtily ridiculed her.

Later, the cursed pirates of Hector Barbossa appear on the deck to kill them. However, Gillette carelessly does not pay attention to the fact that the team of the damned killed the Royal Marines on the main deck. Before the battle he is warned by a sailor about a boat with two strange figures. Pintel, one of the pirates in a boat tries to shoot Gillette but misses and when the other damned pirates on board rushed at them, Gillette quickly pulls out his pistol and fires at one of the pirates before pulling out the sword to join the battle. Although in combat he hides more than he fought.

At some point during the fight, Gillette tries to swing a pulley from the damned Bo'sun, but the pirate manages to evade him. As the pirates almost kill the entire crew, the damned pirates suddenly turn back into a human, as the curse was lifted, and surrendered to the Dauntless crew.

Gillette survives the battle and is seen at Jack Sparrow's execution at Port Royal. After Sparrow's escape, he looks to the Commodore for orders to begin pursuit, but Norrington holds off the chase for a day.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Gillette with Hector Barbossa aboard the HMS Providence.

Gillette returns in this film as Hector Barbossa's first assistant. Several years after the battle of the Isla de Muerta, he was transferred to London, where he would work closely with King George II. The king, in turn, places him under the command of Hector Barbossa, former pirate captain of the Black Pearl who had become a privateer, onboard HMS Providence. At some point, Gillette was appointed as Barbossa's first assistant.

After Jack Sparrow flees the palace of St. James, Gillette is present when Barbossa interrogated Joshama Gibbs. When the crew is forced to cooperate with Gibs, Gillette accompanies the crew of Barbossa aboard Providence at dawn. A few days later, swimming, Gillette stood near Barbossa, when Gibbs leads to the helm Groves, so he pointed the way. Gibbs says that they are heading in the right direction when they spot three Spanish galleons, under the command of "The Spaniard". Barbossa, Gillette, and Groves order the crew to prepare for the battle. Although he was prepared, the Spanish ships simply pass without opening fire. Knowing that they were behind, Barbossa orders the crew to raise all the sails and Gillette repeats his command.

After Providence arrives in Whitecap Bay, Gillette goes ashore with Barbossa, Groves, Gibbs, and part of the crew. They find the remains of what happened last night in Whitecap Bay. However, the mermaids later attack Providence, killing all those who remained on board and turn the ship over. Gillette, along with Groves, is frightened and helpless when their ship sinks underwater. Without mastering the situation, Gibbs indicated a further path, so Gillette orders all the crews who were brought ashore to proceed further. The rest of the crew later meet with Jack Sparrow, who helps them get the Cartagena Bowls. He also helps bring them to the Fountain of Youth at a time when Blackbeard and his team arrived. There, the rest of the Providence command and the crew of revenge of Queen Anne clash in battle.

Gillette's death by Blackbeard's sword.

Gillette fights against one of the zombie pirates, Yoman. The zombie pirate is able to strike at Gillette, forcing him to stumble and fall in the middle of a fight between Barbossa and Blackbeard. Because of this, Gillette falls under the sword of the Black Beard, who cuts his back from behind him. Gillette's body falls on Barbossa, who quickly pushes him away to resume fighting Blackbeard. Later, his body is taken away by two British sailors who survived the battle.


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  • Gillette's age is based on his actor Damian O'Hare's age during the filming of The Curse of the Black Pearl. O'Hare was 25 during the filming and the timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) sets the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl around 1728 and Gillette's birth around 1703.
  • In the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Ultimate Sticker Book, Gillette is mistakenly identified as Theodore Groves and vice versa. In addition, Gillette's name was incorrectly spelled with only one "l".
  • According to Joe Books Ltd.'s Pirates of the Caribbean comic book writer Chris Schweizer, Gillette was meant to be featured in the planned eight and final issue of the series and it was to be revealed how he survived, but as the series was canceled in the fifth issue, it is unknown if this is canon or not.[1]

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