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This article is about the character Giselle from Enchanted. For other characters, see Giselle (disambiguation).

I wished for a fairy tale life, and it's all gone terribly wrong... (in a deeper voice) or terribly right!
―Giselle to Morgan in Disenchanted.

Giselle Philip is the protagonist of Disney's 2007 animated/live-action film Enchanted and its 2022 sequel Disenchanted. Her voice and live action portrayal were performed by American actress Amy Adams.



At the beginning of the film, her personality and mannerisms were representative of the Disney Princess stereotype. Because she lives in the perfect fantasy world of Andalasia, she has barely felt emotions that are rare to the land such as frustration and anger, which, of course, are common on Earth. She dreams of having her own Prince Charming, whom she will fall in love with and live happily ever after. She also loves animals, who help her both in Andalasia and on Earth.

When she comes to New York City, her experiences in Andalasia reveal her to be blind and naïve to the complexity of Earth. She becomes rather scared, distressed, and confused during her first night in New York. Her naivety also frustrates Robert, who had agreed to let her stay with him until Edward, her dream prince from Andalasia, comes for her. However, throughout the film, her experiences on Earth with Robert open her up to a more complex world she had never experienced in Andalasia and introduce her to emotions such as anger and sadness, and despite the frustrations that she unintentionally causes Robert, she is just as beautiful in personality as her appearance. She also grows into a mother figure for Robert's daughter, Morgan.

Despite maturing over the course of the film (in no small part due to Robert's influence), she still retains her innocence, optimism, and kind nature. However, she also proves herself to be as intelligent as Robert himself. Hailing from Andalasia, Giselle displays similar traits to the Disney Princesses; Lima describes her as "about 80% Snow White, with some traits borrowed from Cinderella and Aurora... although her spunky attitude comes from Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid." She is "eternally optimistic and romantic" but is also "very independent and true to her convictions". In the climax of the film, Giselle is shown to be brave and courageous and became protective towards Robert during the battle against Queen Narissa in her dragon form.

In the sequel, Giselle is happy to have her new family and had a second daughter with Robert, but became disillusioned over staying in New York which led to her decision to move to Monroeville with her family. After transforming the whole town into Monroelasia using the magic wand, Giselle became somewhat of an anti-heroine, and her mistreatment towards Morgan is the same manner similar to the mistreatment that Lady Tremaine did to Cinderella. However, she eventually learns of her darker actions which she is about to lose herself from her wickedness, leading her to put Morgan back to Andalasia and continues her clash with Malvina. This is due to her struggle in battling between her original personality for being a princess and her altered personality for being a wicked stepmother.

Physical appearance[]

Giselle is a beautiful young woman with a slender physique, fair skin, long wavy strawberry-blonde hair that reaches below her back, and blue-green eyes. Her primary appearance is a hot pink strapless long gown with dark pink ribbons serving as sleeves, and she is barefoot.

During her backfired marriage with Edward and her arrival to New York, she wears an elaborate wedding gown with butterfly designs, a hoop petticoat, white bloomers, a silver tiara on her head, white stockings, and white boots with matching laces. In her live-action appearance, the gown she wears is different, as the short puffy sleeves are larger and the dress skirt from her gown gains weight, while is added white small flowers on her hair.

During her time with Robert, she wears a cyan short-sleeved gown crafted by herself using Robert's curtains with a dark cyan ribbon at the center of her bodice and a white line on the front dress skirt. She still wears the boots from her second outfit, and her long hair is accessorized with a red and yellow ribbon with pink straps hanging loose.

She later wears a sleeveless white casual dress with pink flowery designs made from Morgan's carpet, and red-heeled sandals with a matching flower.

When she participates in the King and Queen's Ball and during her confrontation against Queen Narissa, she wears a strapless, modern-day deep purple gown with thin silver straps, and silver earrings. She sports pale blue, transparent, open-toed high heels with dark blue outlines as well as loose hair.

During the confrontation with Queen Narissa, she leaves her high heels behind in order to climb to the top of the building. One of the open-toed high heels is later worn by Nancy Tremaine as part of Edward's proposal to marriage. They become known as her forgotten shoes afterward.

When she becomes the owner of the Andalasia Fashion shop in the ending scene, Giselle wears a pink short-sleeved collared corporate dress and matching heels and styles her hair into a bun. Later, when she happily spends time with Robert and Morgan as her new family, she wears a light yellow, long sleeveless dress with a matching ribbon on the front of her dress and brown sandals. Her hair is stylized into a ponytail for this particular outfit.

In Disenchanted, Giselle wears different casual dresses when they moved to Monroeville. When she turns the whole town into Monroelasia and due to her personality change, her gowns are in a darker coloration.

Her first gown is a pale yellow short sleeve puffy jacket with a glittery white and pale yellow dress underneath as her high bun was covered with an olive shawl.

Her second gown is a dark blue dress with peacock feather designs on the collar and the edge of the long sleeves are shown to be puffy. She also wears an elaborate navy belt with gold designs. Her hair is tied in a high bun with ringlets.

Her most well known gown when she was about to lose herself from her wickedness and her magical duel with Malvina by clashing with magic from their wands, she wears a maroon V-line gown with puffy sleeves as the linings of her gown are in a feathered design.

In the ending after the whole town was restored, Giselle wears a yellow and white v-neck dress with puffy designs on the long sleeves and was accessorized with a white belt with a white rose buckle and teal flats. Her loose hair is now in a wavy style.



Princesse giselle de disney

Giselle as she appears in Andalasia.

Giselle first appears in the film living in a cottage in the forest with her woodland animal friends in the fantasy world known as Andalasia. They help her make a mannequin of her dream prince and she explains to them about how she wants a true love's kiss with that special person, particularly a prince. She is soon attacked by a giant troll who attempts to eat her. With the help of her best friend Pip, who was grabbing her toe, she manages to send the troll flying (literally) but falls off a tree when the tree branch she is holding breaks. She then meets Prince Edward who, captivated by her beauty and voice, decides to marry her the next day. Giselle, elated that she has found her special someone, rushes to the castle the next day to be wed. However, Prince Edward's stepmother, Queen Narissa, pretends to be an old hag and leads her to a "wishing well" so she can make a wish before she gets married. Giselle wishes to live happily ever with Prince Edward but is tricked and pushed by Narissa into the well which leads to Earth at present-day New York.

She is at first very distressed by her surroundings, as no one tries to help her and she can't find her way back. Eventually, she meets Robert and his daughter Morgan who climbed out of the taxi they were riding after seeing Giselle. She falls asleep in Robert's apartment and he allows her to stay the night. She decides to repay them the next morning by cleaning up the house with the help of the animals of New York City (which turned out to be rats, mice, birds, insects, etc.). Robert, however, is not at all pleased as there are rodents, bugs, and other animals in his house and he shoos them away. He is further annoyed when his girlfriend Nancy appears and sees Giselle wrapped in a shower towel on top of them (though she merely tripped and fell on him). He tries to find out where she lives and send her there, to no success. He then tries to leave her and gives her money so she can "call" her prince. However, after he sees her giving the money away to an old woman, he decides to follow after her.

The two soon spend the rest of the day getting to know each other and she manages to find happiness with the initially cynical Robert, her time with Robert opening her eyes to a reality that was more complex and engaging than anything she had previously known, growing from her old role as a 'damsel in distress' to a strong, confident fighter. Nathaniel, who was sent by Narissa to kill Giselle with poisoned apples, also appears throughout their day to try to kill Giselle, to no avail. The two begin to understand more about each other and develop feelings for one another, although both do not yet realize their feelings.

Meanwhile, despite Giselle's initial struggles to adapt to the real world via her fairytale-like view of life, her presence in their world seemingly gave quite a positive impact to some of the real-world characters she encounters. Robert learns to loosen up from his no-nonsense, pessimistic and cynical ways, Morgan overcomes her shyness as she learns to speak to strangers, Nancy forgives Robert for the misunderstanding which Giselle inadvertently caused and remains in good terms with both Robert and Giselle, while both Phoebe Banks and her ex-husband Ethan Banks, having thought of what Giselle said about how the former is beautiful and how the latter is in love with the former, finally resolve their differences and get back together, hence wrapping up their divorce case which Robert is assigned to.

Eventually, Prince Edward finally manages to find Giselle and asks her to come back with him. However, Giselle has at this point realized she enjoys staying in New York and actually knows little to nothing about her groom-to-be due to learning how much time an actual relationship takes to develop. She asks Prince Edward if she can go on a date with him before they go. The two enjoy their date together but Giselle still tries to buy time so she can stay longer in New York. She tells Prince Edward about an upcoming ball and they agree to go there and then come back to Andalasia. Giselle agrees and enlists Morgan's help in getting her ready, and the two begin to bond like a mother and daughter.

Giselle comes to the ball and dances with Robert and realises her feelings for him. However, she knows that he and Nancy are together and, upon seeing them kiss, has her heart broken. Narissa, who has decided to kill Giselle herself due to Nathaniel's failures, approaches Giselle once more as an old hag and gives her an apple, which she says will make her forget about her experiences on Earth and lead to a happy ending. Giselle, not knowing the apple is poisoned, bites it and faints. Narissa tries to escape, but Prince Edward catches her, and Nathaniel reveals her treachery, no longer wanting to do her dirty work. Edward tries to wake her with a kiss, but it fails. He encourages Robert to try, which he reluctantly agrees, for he kisses her and she wakes up to be saved just in time. Narissa, angered that her plan failed, transforms into a dragon to try and kill Giselle but instead catches Robert as he defends her. With the help of Pip and Robert, Giselle helps the animal successfully let Narissa fall to her death and shares her second kiss with Robert. Prince Edward decides to give up on Giselle and soon falls in love with Robert's ex-girlfriend Nancy and vice versa, so he instead whisks her away to Andalasia and the two live happily ever after and get married. Giselle also lives happily ever after with Robert and Morgan as his wife, becoming part of their family and starting her own fashion line called "Andalasia Fashion".


Disenchanted - Even More Enchanted

Giselle in the sequel

In the beginning of the film, it is revealed that Giselle was a foundling taken in by the forest animals as a baby. Giselle returns as the protagonist, now married to Robert and the stepmother to Morgan. Giselle has also welcomed a new daughter with Robert, named Sofia.

After the birth of Sofia, life in New York becomes too hectic for both Giselle and Robert, and she attempts to be patient with Morgan going through her moody teenager phase, as well as learning all about the concept of sarcasm. But one day, she sees a billboard for the suburb of Monroeville and she and Robert, and, reluctantly, Morgan, move from their Riverside Drive apartment to Monroeville. Upon arrival, Giselle is quite taken with the town, calling it "the closest thing to Andalasia she has ever seen" and is very fond of her new home, which resembles a castle. But when they get to their new home, it is not finished being renovated. Giselle tries to get Morgan to change her attitude, especially after showing her her new bedroom, but after accidentally burning Morgan's clothes, this becomes more of a challenge. She then meets Malvina Monroe, the realtor who sold her the house. She attempts to befriend Malvina, but in the process, continues to embarrass Morgan unintentionally. She attempts to campaign for Morgan for Princess of Monroe-fest, but is stopped by Malvina and her assistants since she is campaigning on private property. After finding out that Morgan snuck back to New York, Giselle gets in a fight with Morgan, which ends with Morgan lashing out by saying she is not her mother, only her stepmother.

After making a wish upon the Andalasian wand of wishes for a fairytale life, her new village of Monroeville becomes a fairytale village called Monrolasia. But the caveat of this wish is that it transforms Giselle into the archetype of a wicked stepmother. Both her "princess personality" and "wicked stepmother personality" fight for dominance, until the latter wins and decides to fight Malvina to become the queen of Monrolasia. But in her last moment of lucidity, Giselle sends Morgan to the backyard wishing well and, since she does not want to go there herself once the new personality takes over, asks Morgan to "save us" and pushes Morgan down the well to Andalasia.

At the ball, Giselle has Pip, now transformed into an evil cat, to steal the wand from Ruby and Rosaleen, and uses it to wish to become Queen of Monrolasia. She then gets into a fight with Malvina, but is stopped by Morgan, Queen Nancy, Robert, and Malvina's son, Tyson. Giselle looks at the memory tree she made with Morgan, but dismisses it calling it "useless garbage", and destroys it, but the memories on the tree swirl around her restoring her. When she attempts to undo the wish, Malvina stops her, putting Morgan under a sleeping curse. Giselle drops the wand, breaking it. As the clock begins to strike midnight, Andalasia continues to invade Monrolasia, and Giselle's old house emerges from the castle floor. As Giselle begins to fade away, she tells Morgan to use the wand to make a wish, but Morgan resists since only a "true son or daughter of Andalasia" can use it. Giselle insists that Morgan is a true daughter of Andalasia, because she is her daughter. Upon Giselle's last breath, Morgan makes a wish that she were home with her mother.

The next morning, Monroeville is restored and Giselle is alive. She explains to Morgan that since they were the only ones to use the wand, they will be the only ones to remember the day's events while everyone else will believe it was just a dream. Giselle apologizes to Malvina for her behavior and Malvina offers her a spot on the town committee, which she accepts. Some time later, at Monroe-fest, Giselle is now acclimated to her life in Monroeville and is delighted to see Morgan and Tyson dating, and she and her family have at last found their new happily ever after after all.

Video games[]

Giselle was released in two games while the movie Enchanted was in theaters.

Enchanted: Once Upon Andalasia[]

In this game, released for the Game Boy Advance, Giselle tells a story to sleep on Morgan from Andalasia. Thus, Giselle and her friend Pip has to solve some problems in Andalasia, like picking fruit and performing various tasks. In another part of the game, Prince Edward and Giselle helps the player.

Enchanted (Nintendo DS)[]

Giselle is a little more carefree in the game than in the movie. She can stay in music stages and "sing", and after completing the song for a limited time you have a special power, and every dress that you create has its own special power. You make all the dresses that Giselle wears in the movie. Furthermore, Giselle has many animal friends, which change in New York. (Ex. A blue bird becomes a pigeon.)

Giselle is also sometimes taken to "travel" to imaginary Andalasia in her memoirs to help move the game along. Furthermore, Narissa constantly attacks her and Edward with sludge monsters and mushrooms.

Disney Emoji Blitz[]

Giselle was added to Disney Emoji Blitz on July 15, 2021, with the start of the Princess Item Card Event. Wedding Giselle was added on January 23, 2022 as part of the Story Box collection.

Disney Parks[]

Giselle at one of the Disney Parks

Giselle at one of the Disney Parks.

In both Disney Parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland had a "face character" actor that portrayed Giselle. Following the end of the film's initial theatrical run, however, Giselle was eventually removed from the parades because the character's dress restricted physical movement and was otherwise difficult to maintain, as well as the fact that Disney would need to pay royalties to Amy Adams in order to use her likeness. Giselle also made a special appearance in a cavalcade for the Disneyland After Dark Princess Nite event in March 2023.

Before her park appearances, Giselle was present at the Enchanted Experience when the film premiered at the El Capitan Theatre. This was the only time she ever made meet and greets.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Giselle.


  • There were plans to make Giselle into an official Disney Princess, and a prototype doll based on the character appeared at the 2007 Toy Fair. Said plans were dropped when the company realized that Amy Adams would need to be paid royalties for using her likeness.
Giselle Concept Art

Concept art of Giselle with blonde hair by Harald Siepermann.

  • Giselle's appearance during the beginning of the movie is a direct reference to Alphonse Mucha's poster for Moët & Chandon
  • In the early stages of production, Giselle was designed with blonde hair that was later recolored to red.
  • Giselle's character is a combination of several preexisting Disney characters, particularly female ones:
    • Her visual appearance is based on Ariel.
    • Her personality is modeled after that of Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White.
    • She also falls in love with a prince she barely knows after she is rescued by him, but unlike her predecessors, she does not marry him in the end and actually relinquishes her romantic connections with him.
    • Upon entering New York, Giselle mistakes a short man for Grumpy.
    • Ironically, she becomes a stepmother and later a birth mother, reversing the stereotype of evil stepmothers in the Disneyverse.
      • Giselle is the first Disney female protagonist to become a stepmother.
        • Her role as a stepmother becomes pivotal in the film's sequel Disenchanted.
    • The way in which she falls into a porthole from Andalasia to New York is similar to how Alice falls from her normal world into Wonderland.
    • The way she and Robert danced in the ball is reminiscent to Belle.
    • The way in which she rescued Robert from Narissa using Edward's sword, is reminiscent to Mulan.
  • When Giselle constructs her dream prince with a little help from her animal friends while in Andalasia at the start of the film, her dream prince she and her animal friends made bears a more striking resemblance to Robert Phillip than Prince Edward whom she'd eventually meet soon after, which is evident by its dark blue ball gown which Robert would eventually wear at the ball by the film's climax, hence foreshadowing the fact that Giselle would eventually end up with Robert instead of Prince Edward by the end of the film.
  • Her personality contrasts that of Narissa's. While Giselle legitimately loves Robert (though she can be innocently insensitive) and wishes to share a happy ending with him, Narissa manipulates the man who loves her into doing what she wants. Both are physically beautiful, but that's the only similarity.
  • Giselle represents the Aesop that people change for those they love, as with Robert himself.
  • Giselle is the third human heroine to become a victim of a sleeping curse, after Snow White and Aurora.
    • She's also the second human heroine to fall victim of the curse via a poisoned apple, after Snow White.
  • In recent years, in order to avoid paying royalties to Amy Adams, Disney has been using Giselle's animated counterpart in promotional media.


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Mickey Mouse & Friends: MickeyMinnieDonald DuckDaisyPlutoGoofySteamboat Willie MickeyRetro MinnieOswald the Lucky RabbitHoliday Mickey8-Bit MickeyHoliday MinnieHoliday PlutoRose Gold MinnieRainbow MickeyVampire MickeyWitch MinnieMermaid MinnieDeep Sea MickeyCrab DonaldFairy MinnieSeashell DaisyPirate Peg-Leg PeteBirthday Baby PlutoPeppermint MinnieGardener MickeyFlower MinnieWatermelon MinnieIce Cream MickeySoft Serve DonaldSea Creature GoofyPumpkin MickeyGingerbread MickeyChristmas Clarabelle CowGarnet MinnieRainy Day DonaldAstronaut MickeyAlien PlutoPine Cone PlutoPancake GoofyBlueberry Muffin DonaldPumpkin MinnieSanta GoofyPlatinum MickeyFashion MinnieSpring Flute MickeyWinter PetePlatinum DonaldPearl DaisyPlatinum MinnieAstronaut DonaldTopiary DaisyDapper MinnieDapper Mickey

The Lion King: SimbaTimonPumbaaRafikiScarSpirit MufasaNalaShenziBaby SimbaZazuAdult SimbaPlatinum SimbaMufasaCarnelian ScarPatchwork Simba
The Little Mermaid: ArielFlounderSebastianUrsulaKing TritonPrince EricWedding ArielVanessaFlotsamAmethyst UrsulaRuby ArielScuttleKiss the Girl Ariel
Bambi: BambiThumperPretty FlowerApril Shower BambiFloral Ms. Bunny
The Aristocats: MariePearl Marie
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerPigletEeyoreRabbitHoney Bee PoohFlower PigletBunny TiggerBaby Chick EeyoreHoney Cake PoohSanta PoohRooLumpy Heffalump
Pinocchio: Jiminy CricketPinocchioBlue FairyFigaroPlatinum Jiminy CricketSketch Blue Fairy
Dumbo: DumboTimothy MouseMrs. Jumbo
Peter Pan: Tinker BellPeter PanCaptain HookWendyNanaSmeeJohn DarlingSlightlyHoliday Tinker BellTopaz Tinker BellCaptain PanPrismatic Tinker Bell
Aladdin: The GenieAladdinJasmineJafarAbuRajahIagoMagic CarpetDisguised JasmineSnake JafarVacation GeniePrince AliAquamarine JasmineElephant AbuSultanBaby RajahRed Carpet GenieGenie JafarCave of WondersCelebration JasminePlatinum GenieTanzanite Cave of Wonders
Alice in Wonderland: AliceWhite RabbitCheshire CatMad HatterCaterpillarThe Queen of HeartsDoorknobKing of HeartsLittle OystersHouse AliceRoseMarch HareMr. WalrusTweedle Dee
Cinderella: CinderellaFairy GodmotherGusPrince CharmingJaqLuciferAnastasiaDrizellaLady TremaineWedding CinderellaPink Dress CinderellaHoliday CinderellaIolite Fairy Godmother
Frozen: ElsaAnnaOlafSvenKristoffMarshmallowGrand PabbieThe Fire SpiritElsa the Snow QueenQueen AnnaDiamond ElsaYoung AnnaCitrine AnnaOpal OlafPrince HansSketch Elsa
Lilo & Stitch: StitchLiloJumbaScrumpAngelShaved Ice StitchRainbow StitchNani PelekaiPlatinum StitchCobra BubblesSapphire StitchPleakleyCaptain Gantu
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeClawhauserFinnickFlashGazelle
Beauty and the Beast: BelleThe BeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChipGastonEnchantressWinter BelleFancy BeastBookworm BelleMagical EnchantressZircon BelleLeFou
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHei HeiGramma TalaTamatoaBaby MoanaTe FitiKakamora ChiefTe KāVoyager Moana
Mulan: MulanMushuCri-KeePingShan YuLi ShangThe EmperorReflection MulanRuby MushuMelanite Mulan
Tangled: RapunzelPascalFlynn RiderMaximusTiara RapunzelMother GothelWedding MaximusBaby RapunzelGolden Beryl Rapunzel
Sleeping Beauty: AuroraPrince PhillipMaleficentFloraFaunaMerryweatherWinter AuroraDragon MaleficentBriar RosePeridot MaleficentThe Raven
The Jungle Book: BalooKaaKing LouieMowgliShere KhanBagheera
Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeyYen SidChernabogPlatinum Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeySpring Sprite
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilPerditaPatchWinter Cruella
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroOogie BoogieSanta JackDr. FinkelsteinThe MayorChristmas SallyMan-Eating WreathLockShockBarrel
Pocahontas: PocahontasFlitMeekoPercyGrandmother WillowGovernor RatcliffeColors of the Wind Pocahontas
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxPlatinum BaymaxHoney Lemon
Wreck-It Ralph: VanellopeRalphYesssFix-It Felix Jr.CalhounKing CandyPixel RalphPrincess Vanellope
The Princess and the Frog: TianaLouisRayDr. FacilierAlmost There TianaPrince NaveenPlatinum TianaCharlotte La BouffAventurine TianaMama Odie
Lady and the Tramp: LadyTramp
Hercules: HerculesMegPegasusHadesPhilZeusBaby PegasusBaby Hercules
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoKronkPachaYzmaYzma Kitty
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteDopeyMagic MirrorThe Evil QueenGrumpyThe PrinceSleepyDocWinter Snow WhiteThe WitchObsidian Snow WhitePlatinum Snow WhiteBashfulSneezyPurple Diamond Dopey
The Rescuers: BernardBiancaMadame Medusa
Robin Hood: Robin HoodMaid MarianLady KluckLittle JohnSir HissPrince John
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoHugoFrollo
The Sword in the Stone: ArthurArchimedesMerlinMadam MimSugar BowlYoung Mim
Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit MickeyGhost of Jacob MarleyEbenezer Scrooge McDuckTiny TimEmily Cratchit MinnieGhost of Christmas Future Pete
A Goofy Movie: MaxVacation GoofyPowerlineRoxannePJ
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuTuk TukNamaariHuman Sisu
The Three Caballeros: JoséPanchitoCaballero Donald
Encanto: MirabelAntonioLuisaBrunoIsabelaPlatinum MirabelAlma MadrigalCamiloDoloresEmbroidered Mirabel
Bolt: Bolt
The Fox and the Hound: TodCopper
The Great Mouse Detective: Professor Ratigan
Pixie Hollow: SilvermistIridessaRosettaFawn
Treasure Planet: John Silver
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
Oliver & Company: OliverDodger
Wish: AshaValentinoStar

Disney animated shows
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckLaunchpad McQuackWebby VanderquackGizmoduckMagica De SpellHueyDeweyLouie

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers: ChipDaleGadgetMonterey JackDevil DaleAngel Chip
Gargoyles: GoliathBronxDemona
The Proud Family: Penny ProudSuga Mama
Kim Possible: Kim Possible
Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Zummi Gummi
TaleSpin: Talespin Baloo
Phineas and Ferb: Perry the Platypus

Monsters, Inc.: MikeSulleyRandallCeliaRozBoo

Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearAlienJessieBullseyeBo PeepForkyRexDuke CaboomHammMrs. NesbitZurgLotsoPlatinum WoodyBunnyStinky PeteFluorite Buzz
Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: NemoDoryHankCrushBruceBaby DoryDestinyBaileyPearlPlatinum NemoDarla
Cars: Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezJackson StormMater
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing BongRainbow UnicornSapphire JoyAnxietyEmbarrassment
Coco: Miguel RiveraHéctorDanteImeldaPepitaAlebrije DanteErnestoMama CocoDisguised MiguelPlatinum Miguel
Ratatouille: RemyAnton EgoAlfredo LinguiniAuguste Gusteau
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleMrs. IncredibleJack-JackVioletDashFrozoneEdna ModeSyndrome
A Bug's Life: FlikPrincess AttaHeimlich
Brave: MeridaYoung MeridaQueen Elinor
Up: DugRusselCarlKevinAlphaHeadphones Dug
Onward: IanBarleyThe Manticore
Soul: Joe22
Luca: LucaAlberto
Turning Red: Meilin LeeRed Panda MeiAbby ParkRed Panda Ming Lee
Lightyear: Captain LightyearSox
Pixar Shorts: Bao
Elemental: EmberWade
Alien Remix: Monsters Inc. AlienIncredibles Alien

Disney video games
Kingdom Hearts: SoraAquaCaptain GoofyRoyal Magician Donald
Disney live-action films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack SparrowBarbossaDavy JonesElizabeth SwannPrison DogTia Dalma

Descendants: Mal
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonMary SandersonSarah SandersonBinxBilly ButchersonYoung WinifredThe Book
Mary Poppins: Mary PoppinsBertJolly Holiday Mary Poppins
Enchanted: GiselleWedding Giselle
Jungle Cruise: FrankLily Houghton
The Little Mermaid: King TritonAriel
Cruella: Masquerade Cruella
The Santa Clause: Scott CalvinBernard the Elf
Maleficent: Maleficent

Disney live-action shows
The Golden Girls: Rose NylundBlanche DevereauxSophia PetrilloDorothy Zbornak
Disney Parks
The Haunted Mansion: Hatbox GhostMadame LeotaThe BrideHitchhicker Ghost PhineasConstance

Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman
Journey Into Imagination: FigmentSketch FigmentRainbow Figment
Main Street Electrical Parade: Electrical Parade ElliottElectrical Parade MinnieElectrical Parade Tinker BellElectrical Parade Cheshire CatElectrical Parade Blue FairyElectrical Parade GenieElectrical Parade Nemo
World of Color: World of Color Mickey
It's a Small World: It's a Small World
Space Mountain: Space Mountain
Disney Munchlings: Munchlings Cherry Tart Minnie

Disney Theatrical Productions
The Lion King: Broadway Mufasa
The Muppets
The Muppets: Kermit the FrogFozzie BearSwedish ChefMiss PiggyGonzoAnimal

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit KermitMiss Piggy Emily Cratchit
Muppets Haunted Mansion: Madame PigotaGauzey the Hatbox Bear

Star Wars: ReyFinnBB-8Kylo RenLuke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaThe MandalorianGroguChewbaccaHondoFirst Order StormtrooperHan SoloR2-D2Cara DuneMoff GideonDeath TrooperPoe DameronC-3POBoba FettJabba the HuttAnakin Skywalker/Darth VaderQueen AmidalaDarth MaulFennec ShandAhsoka TanoJedi AnakinGeneral GrievousYodaLando CalrissianEmperor PalpatineGrand Moff TarkinK-2SOJyn ErsoCassian AndorObi-Wan KenobiGrand InquisitorWicketJedi Master LukeImperial StormtrooperBo-KatanCad BanePlatinum GroguSalacious CrumbBoushh Disguise LeiaRancorSabine WrenC1-10PMace WinduJar Jar BinksAdmiral AckbarHera SyndullaAdmiral AckbarEmerald YodaMeadow PadméEndor Rebel LeiaQui-Gon Jinn

Indiana Jones: Indiana JonesMarion RavenwoodHelena1969 Indiana Jones
Willow: WillowKit

20th Century Studios
Ron's Gone Wrong: RonBarney

Ice Age: ScratSidMannyDiego
Anastasia: Anastasia RomanovRasputin
Titanic: RoseJack