Giulia Marcovaldo is the tritagonist of the upcoming 2021 DisneyPixar animated feature film, Luca.


Giulia Marcovaldo is an outgoing and charming adventurer with a love of books and learning. She only spends summers in Portorosso, so she hasn’t cultivated many friendships, which makes her an easy target of the town bully. But when two new kids show up who clearly need an ally, Giulia is more than happy to oblige – especially when they agree to team up with her in a local race she desperately wants to win.[1]

Physical appearance

Giulia is a young Italian girl with red, curly hair, brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. She wears a blue beanie, an orange-and-white striped T-shirt, turquoise jeans with a blue patch on the right knee, and brown sandals.


  • Giulia's name was once used for a deleted character from Cars 2.
  • Her clothes and design bears a slight resemblance to Ivy Sundew from Amphibia.
  • Giulia wears the same shirt as Phineas Flynn.



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