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Hey, get back to work!
―A gnome shouting at another gnome in the teaser trailer for Onward

Gnomes are creatures featured in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward.


Many gnomes featured in the film are featured as background characters and have no given names. Like all the mythical creatures, gnomes lived in a world where magic once existed before adapting to modern technology.



In a teaser trailer for the film, a boss gnome tells another gnome to continue going back to work. The gnome nervously uses his lawn mower to continue working.

In the film, gnomes are one of the mythical creatures that enjoyed magic when Wilden Lightfoot was a wizard. Ever since modern technology arrived, gnomes adapted to the new life. In the film, gnomes can be seen in the background and also as students in New Mushroomton High School.

Gnomes can also be seen as customers in the Manticore's Tavern. Like all the other customers, the gnomes are forced to evacuate when Corey returns to her duty in becoming an adventurer. At the end of the film like all other creatures, gnomes continued to adapt when magic is brought back to the land of mythical creatures once again.

Other appearances

In a McDonald's commercial, a gnome can be seen using a lawn mower when Blazey grabs a Happy Meal box while Ian chases after it. Blazey suddenly bumps into the lawn mower the gnome is using, causing the box to be grabbed by Colt Bronco.


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