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The Gobblewonker is a legendary sea monster thought to live at the bottom of Lake Gravity Falls in Gravity Falls. In the episode, "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", Dipper and Mabel embark on a mission to get proof of the legendary sea monster that lives at the bottom of the local lake, to win a photo contest.


Physical appearance

Gobblewonker's character sheet.

The Gobblewonker, as described by Old Man McGucket, has a long neck like a giraffe, and wrinkly skin like Grunkle Stan. The real Gobblewonker at the end of the episode had green, scaly skin. Its eyes are dark green and its lower jaw overlap its upper jaw. It has two tusks along with other sharp teeth, and its head has two fish hooks stuck in it, one on its nostril and one just above its eye. It has short legs with webbed feet and a tail fin. Its back had a long mane like a horse's that ran down its back. Compared to the robot, it is much less serpentine.

Role in the series

When Grunkle Stan takes Dipper and Mabel to the lake for some "family bonding time", Old Man McGucket starts running around the pier saying he had seen the Gobblewonker. Dipper and Mabel try to find it with the aid of Soos on the S.S. Cool Dude. Dipper accidentally finds the Gobblewonker which begins to chase them. The Gobblewonker then gets stuck in the hole of a cave. It is later learned that the Gobblewonker is actually a robot created by Old Man McGucket who likes to create extremely dangerous robots when he feels neglected or sad. However, the real Gobblewonker is shown at the bottom of the lake at the end of the episode and swallows the camera Dipper dropped.

The robotic head is used when the Mystery Shack is constructed into a machine to fight Bill Cipher to end Weirdmageddon.


  • The Gobblewonker is based off the many legendary lake monsters often reported by eye witnesses in several countries but never proven, such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Ogopogo.
  • The sounds that the robot Gobblewonker made were the same as the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic Park.
  • The Gobblewonker, just like the Lake Nose Monster from Phineas and Ferb, doesn't want to be found.


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