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"Going Nowhere Fast" is the forty-fifth episode of Darkwing Duck, and the forty-fifth episode to air on The Disney Afternoon.


NegaDuck zaps Darkwing with a particle Accelerator, unknowingly giving him super speed. DW accidentally discovers his newfound abilities when Gosalyn falls from a tree and Darkwing runs through the entire neighborhood to save her in the same time it should have taken to move just few steps.

Unfortunately, his newfound powers come with a critical flaw: accelerated aging. As Negaduck runs rampant through the city, Darkwing quickly degenerates into old age as a side effect of showing off.

Eventually, decrepit Darkwing's condition forces Gosalyn, Honker, and Launchpad to fight Negaduck in his stead, which only leads to their being captured, forcing DW out of rocking-chair retirement to save them. He discovers, thanks to Honker, that running backwards will temporarily reverse the affects of the accelerator, thus regaining his youth by undoing everything he has done. Until Negaduck again zaps him with the accelerator, seemingly destroying Darkwing.

Darkwing then reappears, explaining that when he was again accelerated, his thinking was "sped up" as well, and that he had earned, in seconds, Ph.D's in Molecular Biology and Chemical Engineering with Dr's Allen and Barry (with two doctors who look suspiciously like Bushroot's nemesis, Doctor's Larson and Gary) before delivering a paper in Switzerland, setting up his own apparent destruction with a misdirect, and drinking the antidote and curing himself of the acceleration once and for all.

DW then also tricks Negaduck into drinking a "Slow Motion potion" also concocted at superspeed, which freezes the negative villain in his tracks (or at least slows him to the point that he seems frozen). The end of the episode finds Negaduck a statue in the park.

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  • This is the second time Negaduck is apparently permanently dealt with in the show. He was previously lost in oblivion when DW accidentally pulled the universal plug "Life, the Negaverse, and Everything".
  • Doctors Allen and Barry are visually very similar to doctors, Larson and Gary, who were shout-outs to Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon in "Beauty and the Beet". This makes this episode one of several tributes to Larson and his creation.
    • Doctors Allen and Barry's names are also a nod to DC Comics' The Flash, alias Barry Allen.

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