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The Golem is a gigantic, ancient clay statue and one of the ancient individuals living in Prague in 1580. It is controlled by Rabbi Loew. This creature is based on the golem from Jewish folklore.


In 1580, the rabbi created the Golem to defend the Jewish community in Prague from its enemies. At some point, the Golem was deactivated and placed in a synagogue where it had been created. In 1995, the Golem was 115 years old and Max Loew was urged in a dream to reactivate the Golem and use the creature to protect Prague from Max Brod and his followers. When Max was in the process of doing so, the Golem is later captured by Tomas Brod when acting on the instructions of Halcyon Renard.

Renard used a cabalistic spell to transfer his soul to the Golem's body, hoping that this would allow him to escape his eventual death from his debilitating disease. When the soul is inside the Golem's body, Renard ran amok, leaving a trail of destruction throughout Prague until Goliath and Max brought him to his sense. Renard later returned his soul to his own body, and Max led the Golem to defeat Max Brod's army camp he was raiding.

It is presumed whether or not the Golem is still helping Prague by defending against his enemies while being guided by Brod.


Censored Versions

  • In the Toon Disney/Disney XD cable network, the part where Angela is fighting the Golem is shortened.

Real-World Background

In Jewish folklore, the Golem is an artificial, clay humanoid brought to life by using cabalistic magic. It is a particularly important step of the ritual for creating one, as in the TV series Gargoyles, was placed in a holy scroll in holy writings penned on it, such as the name of God, inside the Golem's mouth. The word "golem" is a Hebrew word for "lump of clay"; it is held that Adam himself was a Golem before God breathed life into him after forming him from the dust of the earth.

One of the best known Golems was the one created by Rabbi Elijah of Chelm. Another one was the Golem of Prague in the animated TV series. It is ordered by Rabbi Loew to protect the Jewish community of Prague from enemies. When it is uncontrollable and beginning to endanger the community, the Golem was deactivated. According to the legends, the Golem's remains now lie in a secret attic of a synagogue of Prague, waiting to be awakened when the time is right.

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