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"Good Times, Bat Times" is the fifty-second episode of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. It aired on February 21, 1990.


A washerwoman named Winifred is seeking to become a witch by means of a spell she found in the library. Compiling the ingredients are her familiars: Bud the snake, Lou the spider, and Foxglove the bat. During her mission, Foxglove falls in love with Dale, and has second thoughts about being a villain.


The Rescue Rangers are watching a movie where Gadget and Chip notice Dale chewing a bubblegum candy. During a fight in the movie, the Rangers see lightning bugs flying in the movie screen around and Dale thinks the movie the gang is watching is not just a romantic movie, but rather a scary movie. Monterey Jack tells Zipper to know what the problem it's all about to which it is found out that a few lightning bugs are disturbing the movie just as Zipper decides to track the fireflies being captured by Bud the snake and his tarantula partner Lou. Lou tells his partner to know if they obtained enough lightbulbs before their master Winifred returns to which Bud tells his partner to continue getting more bulbs from lightning bugs. While discussing about Winifred's return, Lou discovers Zipper thinking he is a lightning bug to which he escapes from the predators. Looking at Winifred's list, the two decide to get a chieftain's hair in order to impress Winifred. Bud and Lou decide to do Winifred's mission.

Zipper than arrives to the Rangers who are discussing about their first clue to which the group decides to go on a mission. Meanwhile, the spider and snake duo Bud and Lou continue their duty in collecting more lightbulbs to impress their master as the Rangers decide to stop them from eating innocent bugs. Chip tells Gadget to release the grappler, but Gadget tells him that the grappler can't be released due to what Dale did earlier which jammed the controls with gum. Having escaped from Bud and Lou, they notice Winifred coming as the two bring their jar to know much bulbs they received from the lightning bugs.

Meanwhile, Chip, Dale, Monterey, and Gadget are stuck in the bubblegum caused by Dale earlier. Just as Dale is discussing with the Rangers, he suddenly falls off and a nearby bat rescues him. Thanking the bat for saving him, Dale did not know that bats can hang around midair when carrying so much weight due to her being an airborne animal. Realizing because of Dale's weight, the two fall into a garbage container. A while later, Gadget thanks Foxglove, the bat who rescued Dale, for helping get the gum off the Ranger Wing. After Gadget remembers about their encounter with the duo harming the lightning bugs, Zipper finds a clue linked to Bud and Lou which is their checklist. Foxglove, the bat, decides to look at the list Monterey is reading featuring all the ingredients. Dale thanks Foxglove again for helping them and then leaves with the Rangers to continue their mission just as Foxglove follows them.

Meanwhile, Winifred is impressed with the snake/spider duo for bringing in enough lightning bug bulbs they need. After explaining her backstory and motivation for her actions, she puts the required ingredients for a powerful spell to her potion and then tells the two to give her the list of ingredient. Bud tells Lou to give her the list, but he realizes he lost it. Winifred does remember the final two ingredients before she punishes the two for failing the plan to make a spell for them. Winifred decides to get the last two ingredients herself.

The next day, Foxglove surprises Dale again, while Monterey Jack discovers Winifred using her vacuum machine as a broom, causing ruckus across the fair. Just as the Rangers decide to get in the Ranger Wing while Dale tells Foxglove to stay on the tree in order to stay safe. Discovering Winifred grabbing the police chief's hair linked to the fourth ingredient as the group decides to stop her. Noticing this, Foxglove rescues the Rangers from crashing. Dale unintentionally offends Foxglove for useless landing to which Zipper tells her to come back to which Monterey explains that if it weren't for Foxglove's help, the Rangers would have ended up being injured. Chip then finds one more ingredient on Winifred's list, which is a piece of the Moon. Gadget realizes that one of the rocks from the Moon is on display at the local museum. Realizing the Ranger Wing has crash landed, Gadget decides to use a bagpipe from one of the bagpipers to use it as a temporary replacement to get to the museum. Foxglove looks at the list again and flies off.

Meanwhile at the museum, Bud and Lou take out a museum guard while Foxglove brings the list of ingredients back to Winifred just as she tells Foxglove to do her task by getting the piece of the Moon she wanted. Inside the museum, Bud and Lou take a piece of the Moon from its exhibit just as Foxglove takes it from the duo. Winifred tells Foxglove that for finding the final ingredient, she could be a witch's assistant after all, to which when she puts the last ingredient, she can become a real witch. The Rescue Rangers discover Winifred's plan just as Foxglove confronts Winifred for betraying her. The Rangers decide to confront Winifred, Bud, and Lou before she continues casting the spell she wanted. Winifred tells Lou to give her more rocks, but Lou refuses as he used up the piece of the Moon from the museum. Foxglove intercepts that she will get the last ingredient for her, but asks her not to hurt her friends, especially Dale.

Meanwhile, Winifred looks at the Moon Rock the Rangers retrieved during their battle against Winifred just as she plans to succeed her mission. Trying to get the Moon rock from being stolen by Winifred, Foxglove suggests Dale to invite her for breakfast to which Dale explains to Foxglove that Gadget is cooking, and her food always comes out bad. Foxglove then decides to watch Dale do his morning exercises, to which he tells Foxglove that the Moon rock was stuck in the bagpipes. Foxglove asks to keep the rock as a souvenir, to which their conversation is interrupted when Winifred arrives again, and captures Dale and Foxglove, much to the Rangers' worry.

Meanwhile, Winifred plans to succeed her mission in making her a real witch to which Dale plans to stop her. Dale tells Foxglove not to give the final ingredient to her to which Winifred intervenes. Foxglove explains that Winifred was the only friend she had until she met the Rescue Rangers. Turning Dale into a frog, Foxglove intervenes telling Winifred to keep her promise. Zipper manages to help Dale from being captured by trapping Lou by dropping a crate. Foxglove then tells Winifred to keep her promise in not hurting Dale before she drops a brick in the cauldron to ruin her spell. Turning Dale back to normal, Foxglove tells Dale to escape, but he and Foxglove get captured. The Rangers stop Winifred from succeeding her plan, and defeat Bud and Lou just as Dale and Foxglove free themselves while escaping from Winifred. Just as Winifred plans to capture the Rangers, Foxglove and Dale ruin her plan by adding a bolt that ruins the spell. Afterwards, Winifred is sent to prison as punishment for the use of illegal witchcraft.

Repairing the Ranger Wing, Gadget tells Chip that Foxglove is teaching Dale how to hang glide. Dale grabs Chip via hang glider, and Foxglove warns him that the hang glider can only carry one passenger, just before the two chipmunks fall. Foxglove gushes over Dale again before she drops as well.



  • Bud and Lou are named after comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. The Joker's hyenas in Batman: The Animated Series were also named after them.
  • This is Foxglove's only appearance in the series. Despite this, she later became the subject of a fanbase called "The Foxglove Feature", a fansite dedicated to the character.

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