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"Goofy's Menu Magic" is the thirty-second episode of House of Mouse, originally aired on Toon Disney as part of the "Night of a Thousand Toons" marathon on September 2, 2002.


It's Food Day at the House of Mouse. Goofy fills in for Chef Gus after the Chef ate all the food, and surprisingly makes good food. Mickey tries to find out how Goofy's been making good food and has Tinker Bell sneak into the kitchen. Unfortunately, Goofy mistakes her as the salt shaker, sprinkling pixie dust to pour into the food, making the stew float around the room. Mickey learns that Goofy was stirring with the Fairy Godmother's wand that was accidentally picked up earlier.


Mickey arrives at the club dressed as a cook announcing to the crowd that the show will be about food and tells them that Chef Gus will prepare a delicious menu that everyone will love.

Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf thinks to eat the Three Little Pigs when they want a big bad wolf hamburger, on the other hand, the Mad Hatter begins to complain about running out of tea while the White Rabbit looks at his watch that it was already late for dinner but Goofy reassures them both that he gets his job done faster. But when Goofy returns to the kitchen, he is surprised to see Gus with a full belly, he asks what happened and Gus tells him that he ate all the food to Goofy's surprise.

After seeing several customers starving to death, Mickey arrives to ask Goofy about the dinner, Goofy tells him that Gus ate it all and even swallowed the whole oven to which Gus burps up his remains leaving them charred. Goofy replies that dishwasher is tastier, when Mickey decides to cancel the special dinner, Goofy refuses and decides to take Gus's place to cook.

After Goofy lets fry some water that turns to steam, toasts the eggs and waits for the corn to arrive, Mickey seems sure of that but Goofy assures him that he's an expert cook and Mickey asks if he's sure to do that will be the chef. After a long minute of waiting, Goofy gives Shere Khan his shoe making him think it was a steak which the tiger doesn't like at all, after which Mickey presents the first cartoon.

After the cartoon, the Fairy Godmother is sitting with Cinderella telling her that the cartoon made her want to eat and takes out her wand for some skewers, meanwhile, Mickey introduces Chef Louis to prepare a crab flambé (which is Sebastian) , after almost cooking it, Mickey asks him to help him be the chef and he tells him that it will be an honor to cook next week, and tells him that he is already signed up much to Mickey's dismay.

After the Fairy Godmother finishes eating her skewer, she puts it on a plate with which a penguin waiter accidentally takes it to the kitchen, meanwhile Goofy prepares dinner guided by his cookbook, Mickey runs to warn him about the customers need food, and Goofy tells him that it's almost there and grabs the wand to stir the stew without him noticing as he thinks how good the stew will be.

Later, Timon and Pumbaa enjoy Goofy's stew commenting on how good it was to eat bug stew, the Big Bad Wolf also eats it thinking it was pork chowder, and the Evil Queen in her witch form suspects that there is a hint of applesauce, on the other hand, Mickey, despite the fact that Goofy's stew has become a legend worldwide, begins to suspect about the secret of Goofy's stew, something at first sight that Goofy hides because if he told anyone, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, so he decides to submit the next cartoon for after he researches the stew.

Later, Goofy distributes stew and thanks to his delicious food, the customers begin to enjoy it little by little, Mickey reaches out to him but he tells him that he has to be tall and goofy to enter, Mickey still with those doubts hovering in his head decides to propose to Tinker Bell about the goal of spying on Goofy which was what he was preparing with the stew. Tinker Bell walks into the kitchen and finally discovers Goofy's secret, until he notices her and tells her that the order can't be taken yet, but Tinker Bell's pixie dust begins to fall on the stew plates causing dishes to fly throughout the club while Goofy ran after them trying to stop the chaos, seeing that the dishes come out of the kitchen, Goofy makes a desperate attempt to close the door, however, a flood of stew is unleashed.

With the club awash in stew, the food began to wash over the tables as patrons climbed onto various tables to avoid falling into the sea of ​​stew, Mickey discovers the wand Goofy was holding he finds out and when the Fairy Godmother stops the chaos, Goofy finds himself surrounded by Hades, Jafar, Genie and guests angry at him when they yell at him saying no! Making things worse, they were fed up with eating so much stew so Mickey puts on the latest cartoon for them.

Finally Goofy assumes the blame that the magic wand did all this and since then he decides to leave Gus as chef once again, thanks to the stew the sponsor video was uploaded and Mickey says goodbye to everyone wishing them a good meal.


Cooking for the House of Mouse courtesy of: Iron Goofy and his famous secret recipe: "Bibbidi Bobbidi Stew"



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