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Listed below are examples of how Goofy costumes have changed over the years in Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney On Ice shows, and other locations, events, and media.

Image Year Description
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1955 This early Goofy costume featured a red shirt and black pants and a uniquely-formed sculpted head. His two teeth were front and center, as one piece in front of the mouth (rather like in his concurrent 1950s cartoons). His hat was missing and his snout was clean-shaven, without whiskers.
1961-1963 The Goofy costume had a larger head, a dark green hat with yellow and blue stripes and a green-gray vest. A solid rubber head replaced the earlier soft foam one, allowing for a larger snout and nose.
1963-1969 This Goofy costume's head was recast, with the black fur on his forehead pulled down into a widow's peak. His muzzle is slightly darker with a short flat nose, no yellow and blue stripes on his hat, a redder shirt, and an orange vest. Above all, Goofy was given luscious eyelashes.
Goofy 1969.jpg
1969-1978 Goofy's head got an overhaul, allowing for the character's face to have more animation. His eyelids and lower jaw were designed in a way as if to bounce and move freely as the cast member playing Goofy moved around. His hat, once made of green fabric, was replaced by another hat, this one made of hard plastic.
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1970-1974 The 1969 Goofy was used in the traveling show Disney on Parade, albeit redesigned slightly to allow for more durability to do stunts and move more freely, as compared to the Disney parks version, which simply walked around, hugged and shook hands.
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1978-Present Goofy got another major overhaul, and it is more or less this Goofy that is seen in the parks today. His pants were changed from tight to loose-fitting, with only one patch on his right knee as opposed to several patches as in the past. His shirt was shortened, with rounded cuffs, revealing the lower part of his torso and a pair of suspenders underneath. As his shirt was reduced in size, so was his vest. This Goofy lost the bouncy jaw and eyelids, and his snout was clean-shaven, removing the stubble dots and leaving only a handful of whiskers. His plastic green hat was given a yellow band, and his gloves were changed from five fingers to a character-friendly four fingers. In some instances, he ditched the eyelashes and had smaller pupils, but this change did not become official until 1999.
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2006-Present The articulated version of Goofy, seen in live stage shows. Based on the 1978/1999 retooling of his head, his moving jaw and eyelids were restored as part of this. The cast member playing could now blink his eyes and lip-synch his jaw. To accommodate the blinking eyes, Goofy's pupils were made more centered.
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2013 This Goofy costume, based on the 1961 design, as used in Saving Mr. Banks