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Gordon Szalinski is Wayne's brother, Patti's husband, and Jenny and Mitch's father in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.


Gordon is energetic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. He generally is good-natured, but occasionally loses his cool and his temper when he gets mad, as demonstrated when he put Wayne in a headlock and threatened to kill him upon finding out they had been shrunk.

Gordon enjoys having fun with the kids (he gave his nephew, Adam, a Shark Cruiser Hot Wheels car for Christmas) but at the same time is a firm disciplinarian who has a zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior. He did not like seeing Mitch being bullied by Ricky King, and was all too eager to put Ricky in his place.

According to Wayne, Gordon is also well-organized, good at dealing with people, and "never forgets what day of the week it is." Wayne offers him the job as President of Szalinski Labs, which he gratefully accepts, and says, "You bet. This is great! I'm gonna have so much fun."

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