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Gorthan is a character and antagonist from the PKNA comic book series.

Gorthan is one of the smarter Evronian scientists, maybe the smartest one, with an intelligence comparable to the greatest Earthen scientists, or even superior. Due to experimenting on himself, he has also became phisically strong, though these experiments may have affected his psyche.

His experiments got the attention of Emperor Evron and earned Gorthan the rank of chief scientist. One of his experiments included phisical and mental changes to an Evronian general, turning him into the supersoldier Trauma.

Gorthan has studied human culture, which causes him to develop an unacceptable level of individualism among Evronians. He loves reading Shakespeare and has developed a kind of affection to the human race, yet not to the level to betray his people (at first).

In PKNA #10, after the Evronians suffer several defeats on Earth at hands of the Duck Avenger, Gorthan offers the now imprisoned Trauma a chance for freedom if he defeats the Duck Avenger. Gorthan monitors both fights between the Duck Avenger and Trauma, and witnesses Trauma's defeat.

In PKNA#20 "Mekkano", he is forced to form an alliance with the Duck Avenger, after betraying his people and losing his energy storage tanks to a rogue, self-repairing robot (the titular Mekkano). Tracking it down, Gorthan is eventually assimilated with it and is captured by the Empire. It's implied that Mekkano may still function, so possibly the ship carrying Gorthan never reaches Evron.

In flashbacks of the 1999 comic special "La Fine Del Mondo" (meaning "The End Of The World" in Italian), which describes the end of Xerba, Gorthan is the general who leads the invading forces of Evron on that planet. The special also features another of Gorthan's experiments, the shapeshifter Kravenn.

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