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Grams is one of the ghosts found in the Haunted Mansion.



Grams was the name given to an old woman who died and became a ghost. She would go on to haunt the Haunted Mansion, though it is unknown if she had any affiliation with it in life or only moved in post-mortem via the Ghost Relations Department.

Development History

An old-lady ghost in a wheelchair was first proposed for the Haunted Mansion by imagineer Ken Anderson as shown in his concept art and an excerpt from a proposed scene where, "The room 'comes to life' as a green fire ignites itself in the fireplace and an empty rocking chair beside begins to rock". The element remained even after Anderson left the project with Grams being portrayed by the animatronic for the grandma from Carousel of Progress.

Grams is also frequently assumed to be Granny Ghoul, a character voiced by Paul Frees (doing an impression of Ruth McDevitt) who appeared in promotional radio adds for the Haunted Mansion's opening in Disneyland. This character was revealed to have been a socialite from Peoria, Illinois, who worked as a silent-film actress in vampire movies. As with Grams it is unknown when she first came to the Haunted Mansion, but it is known that she finds amusement in the extreme reactions mortals have to ghosts.


The Haunted Mansion

Grams appears in the ballroom scene of the attraction, sitting in a rocking chair nearby a fireplace. As she rocks, she fades in and out of sight revealing the face-like design of her rocking-chair's back.

Other Appearances

Video Games

The Haunted Mansion (video game)

In this video-game, Grams is one of the ghosts enslaved by Atticus Thorn, who assists the protagonist Zeke Holloway. Her backstory is revealed when the player finds her death certificate which shows that she died via poisoned tea.


The Haunted Mansion: Frights of Fancy

Grams is one of the ghosts in this comic recruited by Constance Hatchaway to help the protagonist Sydney make the Haunted Mansion scarier.

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