Grandma Paguro is a supporting character in the 2021 DisneyPixar animated feature film, Luca. She is a sea monster, Luca's grandmother and Daniela's mother.


Grandma Paguro and Luca have an understanding. She sees the spark in her grandson’s eye, his longing for more, and celebrates it – albeit secretly. Grandma knows that breaking a rule or two is part of growing up, and she’s a little too happy to look the other way if Luca’s rebellious side should emerge. What his parents don’t know probably won’t kill them.[1]

Physical Appearance

In her sea monster form, Grandma has light magenta scales and purple "hair". She has light pink eyes with a faint yellow sclera and oval shaped pupils. her tail is long and forms a twirl with purple caudal fins, and she also wears a dress and bandana, probably made from seaweed.


  • Grandma sleeps with her eyes open, which can be a nod to how fish sleep with their eyes open in real life.



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