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Granmamare is a character, the Goddess of Mercy and the Queen of the Sea, the mother of Ponyo and her sisters and the wife of Fujimoto in the film, Ponyo.


Granmamare was slender, wears a cyan dress, has very long, flowing red hair and brown eyes, purple eye shadow, and red lipstick. She wears a long, billowing pale blue dress far longer than her body when she is under water. Her dress changes between long-sleeved and tank dress, and the length shortens to floor-length when she is on land.

She also wears a ruby magenta necklace with gold spacers, a similar circlet with a large red glass drop focal bead in the center, two 3-drop red sea glass earrings, and two golden bangles on her right arm. She can also change her size. She is seen changing from a giant sea goddess to a human-sized woman. Though she changes size, she still maintains her complexion and appearance.


Granmamare passes Koichi and his sailors underneath their ship, and later, she greets Fujimoto in his vessel.

She narrated part of the movie that talked about Ponyo becoming human forever. She meets Lisa under the water along with the retirement home underneath a protective air bubble. Then she meets Lisa's son Sosuke when he has Ponyo in his bucket, and she starts to test if Sosuke accepts Ponyo to love her.

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