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The Granny Squirrel[3][4][5] is a character in Disney's 1963 animated feature film The Sword in the Stone, who briefly appeared in a scene where she sees Merlin disguised as a squirrel and quickly falls in love with him. Her chittering noises are provided by Martha Wentworth, who is also the voice of Madam Mim in the same film.


The granny squirrel is funny, prissy, eccentric, annoying, excitable, and crazy about male squirrels. She becomes terrified and frustrated when she learns that Merlin was a grumpy old man instead of a squirrel.

Role in the film[]

In the film, the granny squirrel is first seen meeting Merlin as a squirrel eye to eye, face to face, when Merlin sang "A Most Befuddling Thing". Later, she keeps pestering him, even though Merlin tried to keep her away from him and tell her that he was an old human man, not a squirrel. She even kissed him and kept sniffing him (which proves that she was getting to know him).

When Merlin fell down the branch when she kept following him and grabbed by the tail, he fell into a pile of leaves, and the granny squirrel ran down the tree and ran over to the leaves. However, when an enraged Merlin turned himself back into a human, she was at first scared and screamed like a human woman, then angry at this, and Merlin scares her away by barking like a dog.

It is unknown what her fate was after the events of the movie.

She never appears in the rest of the film.




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