Grant Simmons (November 11, 1912 in Arizona, U.S. - October 31, 1970 (aged 57) in Los Angeles, California, U.S.) was an American animator, director and writer. Simmons’ list of big name companies he has animated for included Walt Disney Studios (where he worked on *Dumbo *and*Fantasia *), Columbia, MGM, and eventually co-founded his own company Grantray-Lawrence in 1954.

Simmons’ earliest work was an uncredited Walt Disney Studios short that was released in 1940, Put-Put Troubles, which featured Donald Duck. He also worked on Dumbo before the famous strike. A year later in 1941, Simmons left Disney after the strike and began working for Columbia at Screen Gems productions. Simmons eventually switched to MGM studios in 1948 where he was reunited with Ray Patterson whom he worked with at Walt Disney Studios.

After viewing some of his work. Simmons’ animation style seems to be a bit similar to Ray Patterson. They are not copies of each other, but both of these animators seem to be very good at timing and fluidity in their characters. Both of these animators worked on the Clown Fire Scene on Dumbo and it is difficult to tell who animated what part.

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