Gravitina is a recurring villain in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The self-proclaimed Mistress of Gravity, Gravitina has the ability to control gravitational fields with her massive cranium. She has a crush on Buzz Lightyear and her schemes often involve futile efforts to win his affection. She is voiced by Kerri Kenney.



Gravitina is oftentimes petty and self-absorbed. However, deep down, she desires companionship and love. Her abnormally large head was always a source of derision, leading her to live a life of crime.

Physical appearance

Having turquoise and blue eyes, Gravitina is an attractive woman who isn't afraid to flaunt her assets with her eye-catching wardrobe. She is typically seen wearing a pink bodice with matching high heels and gloves. A cape accents her outfit, and she wears a gem necklace that floats around her neck.

Gravitina's most prominent physical trait, however, is her abnormally large cranium. It is almost reminiscent of a planet, given it has its own "planetary ring" and three floating spherical objects reminiscent of tiny moons that circle it. It is a source of much ridicule for her, given most beings openly mock her for it.


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