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Grecklin is a gremlin and a minor antagonist in the 2020 DisneyPixar animated feature film Onward, who owns and runs a pawn shop. She came into possession of the Curse Crusher, an enchanted sword that formerly belonged to Corey the Manticore.


Grecklin serves as the owner of the pawn shop. Despite her duty, she is shown to be unfair to Laurel and Corey about selling the Curse Crusher at a very expensive price ($10,000), taunting them that she deliberately sold the sword at an expensive price since the sword is very rare to find in the land of mythical creatures.

Physical Appearance

Grecklin resembles a bony little old woman, with pale green skin, large pointed ears that flop loosely below her grizzled gray hair, bulbous yellow eyes with black slit pupils, and very thick red lips that cover jagged pointy teeth.

Role in the film

One night, Corey and Laurel Lightfoot came to her store to buy back the sword and at first Grecklin was going to sell it at a fair price until she overheard Corey whisper to herself that the Curse Crusher is one of a kind and forged from the rarest metals, and immediately tried to charge an exorbitant amount of money for it. After a brief argument with Corey and Laurel, Grecklin was stabbed by Corey's scorpion tail, rendering her temporarily paralyzed and left lying on the floor. They took the sword (although Laurel did pay some money for it), despite her protests. Grecklin's further fate is unknown.


  • Grecklin is Tracey Ullman's second Disney animated film role after previously voicing Ms. Birdwell from Kronk's New Groove.
  • Grecklin's name could be derived from her own species' name.

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