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"Green Mirror" is the first segment of the forty-seventh episode of Big City Greens.


When the Greens visit BigTech, Tilly jumps at the chance to test Gwendolyn Zapp's new technology, which promises to make them the "perfect family."


The Green family is on their way to deliver produce to Gwendolyn Zapp at Big Tech. The rest of the family is confused by this because of what Gwendolyn did in the past, but Bill tells them to forget about it because they need the business. As they arrive, Bill tells the family to stay in the truck due to the fact that they are always causing trouble wherever they go. Tilly is perturbed by this and her fears are confirmed when the family run amok throughout Big Tech. Tilly stumbles upon a seminar being given by Gwendolyn who reveals her plan to jump start a new program that could create the perfect family. Tilly is intrigued by this and Gwendolyn believes that the Greens are perfect test subjects for the prefect family program.

Gwendolyn has the Greens put on head gear that sends their minds into a computer with her joining them. She reveals that their personalities will be be presented in code and that she will use a giant laser gun to remove their flaws. She first creates duplicate backups before getting to work on the Greens. Gwendolyn removes Bill's anxiety, Gramma Alice's anger and Cricket's mischievousness before removing many other flaws. Eventually the three are whittled down to bland shells of their former selves. Tilly tests them out, but is bothered by how inherently creepy they are. Realizing that their flaws is what made them special she asks that they return to normal.

Gwendolyn realizes that Tilly's flaw is that she accepts flaws in people and threatens to alter her coding as well. Tilly releases the backup data of her family and they proceed to fight their non-flawed selves. Gwendolyn finally zaps Tilly's "flaw", but the computer finds a contradiction in this and attempts to reboot itself. Gwendolyn and the non-flawed Green family are erased with the coding as Tilly and her family escape the computer. In the real world, Tilly is happy to see her family back to their flawed selves, though Bill thinks that they can work to improve. They discover that Gwendolyn is still alive, having made a backup of her mind, and laughs maniacally as the Greens quietly leave.



  • The title, as well as the theme of the episode, is a reference to the technology horror anthology series Black Mirror.
    • This is evidenced by the title card being on the broken rear view mirror, which resembles the logo to the series, and the ominous music playing.
  • Chris Houghton referred to this episode as "straight up BONKERS" when asked what the "wildest" episode in the series was.[1]
  • This episode features Gwendolyn Zapp at her most villainous.
  • This episode reveals that Tilly is well aware of her family's flaws.
  • Bill's main reason for not holding grudges is due to him not wanting to lose business.
  • Cricket finds a golden egg, presumably, from a room of egg laying geese. This is a reference to the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Gwendolyn claims that Big Tech has knowledge on everyone's homes in Big City.
  • Moral: Nobody has to be perfect; their flaws are what make them special.

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