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"Greens' Acres" is the first segment of the forty-fifth episode of Big City Greens.


Young Bill will do whatever it takes to keep the family farm in business.


30 years ago, young Bill Green spends his childhood working on the farm happily without a care in the world. His mother, Alice Green, comes home after a long day at work, but is severely tired, concerning Bill. Their neighbor, Quizley, comes to tell Alice that he is aware that the crops are not as good due to the death of her husband and the lack of farmhands. He suggests that she sell the land to him so that they can be better off. Bill refuses however as he loves working on the farm. Alice concedes and tells Quizley to leave. She then assigns Bill to start work by trying out the hay baler. Bill drives it, but runs over a rock that gets jammed in the engine. Bill attempts to remove it, but Alice saves him and bans him from anymore farm chores.

Bill later realizes that he just needs to make money and rides off on his bike to ask if anyone needs assistance. No one wants any help and he rides out to a trailer park where he meets a shady man named Nick with a get-rich-quick scheme to sell cheap tokens at the arcade in the newly developing Big City. Bill is paired up with Nick's daughter Nancy and the two hit it off and ride into town together. Despite Bill's reluctance to cheat the other kids, he goes along with Nancy to sell the tokens. Bill later spots a child with a lot of money and tries to sell him tokens, but is caught by the arcade owner. He and Nancy flee, but are stopped by a young Russell Remington, while a young Keys is indirectly inspired to be a cop after the arcade owner suggests that Russell become one.

Bill and Nancy are held in jail and Alice comes to bail Bill out, who hopes to see Nancy again. As they are driving home, Alice vents her frustration and believes that she is a terrible mother for not being able to keep Bill out of trouble, but Bill comforts her. He tells Alice that it is okay if they sell the farm; reasoning that they are not giving it to a land developer and that Bill will not have to do shady jobs anymore with Alice adding that Bill will not have to see Nancy again. In the present, where Alice has been telling the story, Alice explains that this was why the farm downsized with Cricket, Tilly and Nancy pointing out that they still had to sell the land to a developer and that Nancy and Bill still ended up together. Alice admits that she regrets selling the land, but that it was worth it.



  • "My Name's Bill Green"


  • The title is a reference to the classic 60's sitcom Green Acres.
  • Ernest Green is revealed to have passed away in Bill's youth.
  • This episode reveals that Bill and Nancy have known each other since childhood.
  • The episode is filled with numerous foreshadowing and irony such as:
    • Bill exclaims that responsibility is every kids' dream, though he will later learn that Cricket has no such desire.
    • Bill nearly loses his finger when he tries to get a rock out from inside the tractor's hay baler with Alice warning him that he will lose it to the machine one day. He actually does lose his finger to the baler as an adult as shown in "Cricket's Biscuits".
    • When Bill is asking for jobs, one of his neighbors tells him that he is a DIY guy which is apparently a new term for Bill. Bill will later refer to himself as such in the episode "DIY Guys".
    • Nancy tells Bill that she places a card on her back wheel so that it sounds like a motorcycle. Her dream in owning one will eventually come true.
    • Russell takes down Bill and Nancy like a footballer. When Bill first meets him in "Dinner Party", he does not recognize him; most likely because he was groggy from being tackled by him.
    • Keys decides to become a cop after the arcade owner suggests that Russell become one. Ironically, Keys would later hold an interest in becoming a judge.
    • Bill tells Alice he'll get his own farm one day, which foreshadows the farm he opens in the country where he marries Nancy and has Cricket and Tilly, which they eventually sell prior to moving in with Alice.
  • Alice warns Bill to stay away from Nancy because she has a bad influence on him; this could be the reason why they divorced.
  • Moral: You might have to make a great sacrifice in life to keep your family strong.

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