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Jamface is Gus' right hand man, and inventor of the projector network that links the lands of Wasteland together. When something needs fixing, Jamface is usually there getting his hands dirty.
―Epic Mickey Facebook page description

Gremlin Jamface is a Gremlin from The Gremlins book. He later appeared in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. In the game, he acts as the caretaker of the projectors, replacing Gremlin Markus from the first game. He is first encountered in Mean Street North, where he tasks Mickey and Oswald with finding scrap metal so that he can repair the windmill, allowing them to progress.


  • Gremlin Jamface originally intended to appear in Epic Mickey, but was scrapped early on in development. His only known appearance was in an unreleased gameplay prototype created for Game Informer #199, the issue that officially revealed Epic Mickey as its cover story. ​​​​​​
    • Though he does not appear in the final game, his dialogue can still be found within the game's code. [1][2]
    • According to the leftover code, Gremlin Jamface was originally green.
  • In the novel, he is one of only three Gremlins to be named.
  • His official Epic Mickey 2 profile states he invented the Projector Screens Network. This contradicts Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel, where Gremlin Gus states that Oswald created them.



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