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"Grime's Pupil" is the second segment of the fifty-third episode of the Disney Channel animated series, Amphibia.


Sprig trains with Grime even though they hate each other.


Sasha explains to Anne that in order to defeat Andrias, she has opted to recruit the other toad warriors including Captain Beatrix. To ease the relations, Sasha sent Grime and Sprig to be the "welcome wagon" for when Beatrix arrives. Anne brings up the fact that Grime and Sprig do not like one another and the girls rush out to get them before anything bad happens. Too late, as Sprig and Grime get into an argument over their respective skills just as Beatrix arrives. She mocks them and in anger, Grime challenges her to a duel. However, Beatrix opts to battle Sprig instead and leaves to prepare. Sasha insists that Grime train Sprig for the battle or they will be banished, at least until the war starts.

In the middle of the woods, Grime and Sprig argue with each other as the former tried to kill Hop Pop in the past and Sprig has not forgiven him for it. Grime tries to train Sprig, but his stubbornness makes it difficult for him to learn anything. Sprig leaves and starts training in front of a giant honey tree, only to get attacked by Hybeenas (hyena bee hybrids). Grime arrives, having heard Sprig's screams, and the two of them fight them off with Sprig impressed with Grime's determination and Grime impressed with Sprig's speed. The two finally set aside their differences so that Grime can finally train Sprig what he knows.

The day of the match arrives and Sprig is thrown into a cage match with Beatrix. Sprig uses his nimble body to take her on, but when she gets him in a body lock, he decides to use what Grime taught him and angrily headbutts her; managing to knock out Beatrix and winning the match. She compliments him on his skills and finally offers her toads' services to the resistance army. Sprig thanks Grime for helping him and they apologize to one another; becoming better acquainted. Grime then decides to take the opportunity to gloat over Beatrix losing to frog, much like what she did earlier to him, and she punches him before politely leaving.


Additional Voices

  • Keith Silverstein as Toad Soldier


  • It is strange for toads and frogs to argue about each other as toads are actually a sub-species of frog.
  • The events of "Reunion" of mentioned.
  • At the end of the episode, Wartwood Resistance and Beatrix's toad army join forces to defeat King Andrias.

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