Griselda is the mother of the Bog King and a supporting character in the 2015 film Strange Magic.



As Bog's mother, Griselda does what she thinks is best for her son. She is frustrated with Bog's bitterness and anti-love policies, and has tried pairing him up with various goblin and arthropod women in the Dark Forest, not wanting him to "die sad and alone." She does not seem to be picky with who her son is with, seeing his and Marianne's chemstry as they fight and pulling out all of the stocks to push them closer together, as well as goading his son (along with the help of a small group of elves) to confess his feelings to her.

Unlike the other goblins, she is not as repulsed by Dawn's singing, saying that she's a "sucker for sweet, pretty singing."

She seems to share a level on animosity towards the Sugar Plum Fairy that her son has, blaming her and her potion for her son's attitude, though she is quick to point out the moral Sugar Plum tried to convey in the story she told. It can be assumed that she no longer has these feelings when Sugar Plum saved her life.

Power and Abilities

It is currently unknown is Griselda was ever Queen or even if she held any high authority in the Dark Forest before Bog, but she does seem to hold some level of authority to the staff of the castle.

Strange Magic

Griselda believes in love and wants it to return to the Dark Forest after her son The Bog King banned it. She tries to set the Bog King up with a few bachelorettes she found: a Beetle, a Horned Goblin and a cockroach. When Dawn (under the influence of a love potion) keeps singing and proclaiming love for the Bog King, Griselda finds this sweet and thinks she hears wedding bells. She is later introduced to Dawn's older sister Marianne (who had come to rescue Dawn) and decorates a dining room to make it romantic for Marianne and the Bog King after she saw chemistry between the two. When Roland orders the Bog King's castle to be destroyed, Griselda is nearly crushed but is saved by the Sugar Plum Fairy and later helps her son confess his love for Marianne.

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