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Guinevere is a van belonging to Barley Lightfoot. It is a used vehicle that Barley has worked on in order to get it driving again and even though it works it has some problems, such as the gas meter not working, the air-conditioning being overpowered, missing its turn signal, and the ignition having to be turned just so in order to start it up.


It has a paint job of a majestic pegasus on a background of a night sky.

Role in the film

The van first appears when Barley arrives to pick Ian up from his high school. In the fashion of his roleplaying and because of it being his brother's birthday, he treats it as a "royal escort" to take back home, much to the embarrassment of Ian. However, he accepts when his attempt to befriend some students and invite them to his birthday party fails, as his social anxiety gets the better of him.

It is also shown that Barley has been given multiple parking violation forms, which he stores in the glove compartment.

When the two brothers decide to go on a quest to find a Phoenix Gem in order to use the Visitation Spell to resurrect their late father, they take Guinevere as their transport. Throughout their adventure, the brothers stop at the Manticore's Tavern after getting clues from the Quests of Yore board game where they get help from Corey, the owner of the tavern. After accidentally setting the tavern on fire, the brothers return to their van to escape in which the only surviving clue Ian and Barley obtained during the fire is a kid's menu linked to Raven's Point.

On their way to the spot where the Phoenix Gem would be at, Ian and Barley run out of gas for their van as the two stop at the Swamp Gas area to get their fuel refilled. After obtaining fuel for Guinevere, the two are chased by a hostile gang of fairies known as the Pixie Dusters who chase them via motorcycles. Eventually while escaping, Colt Bronco's police squadron members Gore and Specter notice this as they attempt to arrest Ian and Barley for speeding. Ultimately, they are able to avoid getting arrested by using a spell to disguise themselves as Colt Bronco just as Ian and Barley continue their journey via van.

On their way to Raven's Point, Colt Bronco stops the elf brothers for breaking the law as he prepares to arrest them. Colt notices the two taking off while still giving them the warning before getting arrested. Just as Colt calls Specter and Gore for reinforcements, Ian and Barley sacrifice their van in order to avoid getting arrested by the police. Afterwards, the brothers continue their journey to find the Phoenix Gem to revive their father and the brothers finally complete their quest in bringing back magic to the mythical world.

During the epilogue, Guinevere is replaced with Guinevere 2 as Ian and Barley continue going on quests on their new van with magic brought back to the mythical world.



  • Guinevere is named after King Arthur's wife in Arthurian legends.
  • The Guinevere paint design was featured in the 2019 animated Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 4 during the epilogue. This is a reference to Pixar's next film, Onward.
  • Guinevere is modeled after a 1970s Chevrolet/GMC van.
  • During the scene where Barley tells Ian to act quick to escape from the Pixie Dusters, he tells him to reach an "O" for "Onward". For the international versions of the film, the "O" for "Onward" was simply altered with an arrow and the aforementioned dialogue had to be adapted for international dubs, changing the dialogue to Barley telling Ian to reach the arrow activating Guinevere's engine.

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