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Gun Shy is an American western comedy television series that aired on CBS from March 15 until April 19, 1983. It was a spin-off of The Apple Dumpling Gang movies.


A gambler wins two children in a game of poker and moves to Quake City in California.



Title No. Original air date Short Summary
Western Velvet 1 March 15, 1983 Donovan wins a horse in a game of cards and gives it to his son, but he later finds out that the horse is a legendary race horse.
Pardon Me Boy, Is That The Quake City Choo Choo? 2 March 22, 1983 Theodore and Amos are the two only people standing in the way of Quake City becoming a railroad stop.
What Do You Mean "We" Amigo 3 March 29, 1983 A legendary gunfighter returns to Quake City.
You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em 4 April 5, 1983
Reading, Writing and Robbing 5 April 12, 1983 A stagecoach is repeatedly ambushed by robbers.
Mail Order Mommy 6 April 19, 1983 Amos' mail order bride thinks Donovan is the one for her.

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