Gus Porter is a recurring character who appears in the 2020 Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. He is a young witch and one of Luz's friends on The Boiling Isles.


Gus is an Illusion student who attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics alongside Willow Park and Luz Noceda, who are both friends. He also happens to be somewhat of an expert on human culture, and is the President of the Human Appreciation Society at his school. However, his knowledge on humans is often inaccurate. For example, he believed humans had gills and wore braces to make them magnetic. Gus is in a few grades higher above his friends.


Gus is an enthusiastic youth who loves showing off his capabilities and share his ideas. He can be slightly belligerent and a little unfocused, but knows what is important to him. He is constantly seeking approval from his peers, implying that he is slightly self conscientious. In "Agony of a Witch" he uses the Oracle Sphere to see what the best version of himself is and is satisfyingly told that he is "always [his] best self".

Physical appearance

Gus is slightly shorter than Willow and Luz with dark skin and dark brown hair with lighter shades. Like all the witches and Wizards on the boiling isles, he has pointy ears. When attending school, Gus wears a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, hoodie, and boots. As part of the Illusion track, the color of his sleeves and leggings are light blue.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Gus is adept in magic, and Like all witches and wizards, he gets his magic from a sack of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Illusion magic: As an illusion student, Gus specializes in casting illusion based magic.


Luz Noceda

Gus sees Luz as the most fascinating person to have ever set foot on the Boiling Isles, mostly because she is a human. While he occasionally views her as a specimen to examine, he does see her as a genuine friend. His obliviousness of human culture is seen as adorable by Luz. Gus will occasionally get on her nerves, but always manages to get back onto her good side. He is willing to stand up for her and as seen in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" when he took the blame for destroying the detention room; losing his place in the Human Appreciation Society.

Willow Park

Gus has known Willow for quite some time and both bond over their mutual designation of being outcasts. He holds a special sibling-like relationship with her and defends her from the usual insults that she receives.

Owl House Inhabitants

Collectively, Gus finds the people within the Owl House amusing. Much like Luz, he apparently admires Eda for her notoriety and understands why Luz looks up to her so much. He feels similarly about King, though in "Really Small Problems", he was upset with him when he attempted to remove him and Willow so that he can have Luz to himself. However, by the end, he and Willow make amends and start to consider him one of their friends. In "Understanding Willow", Gus found Hooty more interesting than either Eda or King, but by the end of the episode sees that he is annoying and unfocused.


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