Gustavo is a minor character in the television show Kim Possible, he appears in the episode "Tick-Tick-Tick".


Gustavo Airplane.jpg

He gave Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus a ride to an undisclosed South American location to meet with Professor Acari regarding theft of experimental robotic tick. The ride was a favor for Kim after she saved Gustavo's village from a flood sometime during her Freshman year of High School.

Character information


Gustavo can pilot a fixed-wing aircraft capable of water landings.


Gustavo owns and/or operates a twin-propellor seaplane.


  • Gustavo's village is most likely in Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina, or Bolivia since these are the native habitats for piranha and Ron mentioned that piranha were present when Kim saved Gustavo's village.
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