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Guy Germaine is secondary character in the Mighty Ducks Trilogy. Guy is from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a hockey player and plays Forward Position, and wears number 00. He serves as a model player for the Ducks on the ice, and is second only to Adam Banks in terms of skill. In The Mighty Ducks, he is part of the "Oreo Line" with the Hall Brothers. He and Connie Moreau are in a relationship as seen by a victory kiss at the end of The Mighty Ducks and a near kiss in the beginning of D2. Guy Germaine also attended Eden Hall Academy, as seen in D3: The Mighty Ducks. Guy is portrayed by Garette Ratliff Henson.

Playing Style

Guy has been shown to be a very skilled player offensively and is consistently on the ice more often than most others on the team. However, like most of the team, he does lack defensive skill, and his smaller size has made him victim to vicious hits by opponents. The greatest example being in the third film where a hit against the boards and glass took him out of the second period.


About to kiss Connie but interrupted by Jesse, Charlie, and Averman.

  • "I was this close!"
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